Use this list of 100 questions to ask your kids after school so that you never run out of conversation starters!

How many times have you picked up your child from school only to be met by one-word answers or silence during the drive home? Well no more mama! Use this list of questions to ask your kids after school to help break the barrier.

Beware: questions on this list may incite spontaneous long-winded-ness from your child. ?

Seriously though – we recommend not bombarding your child with questions every day. Referring to this list a few times a week and asking a question every other day or so can spark some great conversations.

Psst! Comment below on which questions are your favorite and which work the best with your child! ?

100 questions to ask your kids after school (1)

 Download and print this list. Keep it handy in your car!
  1. What did you enjoy most about your day?
  2. Tell me something or someone that made you laugh today. Why?
  3. What was something or someone that made you feel happy today? Why?
  4. What was something or someone that made you feel sad today? Why?
  5. What was something or someone that made you feel upset today? Why?
  6. When was a moment you were excited today?
  7. Do you have any questions about anything that happened at school today?
  8. How were you helpful today?
  9. How did somebody help you today?
  10. How were you kind today?
  11. Tell me one thing that you learned today.
  12. Tell me something good that happened today.
  13. What was your favorite part of lunch?
  14. What made you smile today?
  15. What was the best thing that happened today?
  16. Was anyone in your class gone today?
  17. Did you ever feel unsafe today?
  18. What is something you heard that surprised you?
  19. What is something you saw that made you think?
  20. Who did you play with today?
  21. Tell me something you know today that you didn’t know yesterday.
  22. What is something that challenged you today?
  23. Did you like your lunch?
  24. Rate your day on a scale from 1-10.
  25. Did anyone get in trouble today?
  26. How were you brave today?
  27. What questions did you ask at school today?
  28. Tell me your top two things from the day. Why are they your top two?
  29. What are you looking forward to tomorrow?
  30. What was the hardest rule to follow today?
  31. If you could change one thing about your day, what would it be?
  32. If you had a camera at school today, what picture would you have taken?
  33. Who had the best idea for what game to play at recess today?
  34. Was anyone sitting alone at lunch today? If they are tomorrow, what can you do about it?
  35. Was anyone playing alone at recess today? If they are tomorrow, what can you do about it?
  36. What rule did you almost break today? Why didn’t you break it?
  37. What do you wish you could have learned about today that you didn’t?
  38. Tell me something you are going to do tomorrow that will make someone’s day.
  39. What is one thing you want to make sure to do at school tomorrow?
  40. What happened in art class? (Or you can ask about any special class they had that day.)
  41. Did you get your library books returned? What new books did you check out? Why?
  42. Did you learn any new songs in class today?
  43. Did you make yourself proud today? Why?
  44. Can you think of anything you did today that would make your teacher proud to have you in their class, or that would have made us proud of you?
  45. What is something you heard that surprised you?
  46. What is something you saw that made you think?
  47. What is something that challenged you?
  48. Did anyone get in trouble today?
  49. What’d you learn in (favorite subject) today?
  50. What games did you play at recess?
  51. If you could change part of your day today, what would it be? Why?
  52. Is there anything that the teacher taught that you don’t understand?
  53. How do you feel that you did today? Why?
  54. What is one thing your teacher said today that you remember most?
  55. If an alien spaceship came to your class and beamed someone up, who would you want them to take?
  56. If you could create your own school, what would it look like and what would happen there?
  57. If your teacher could teach on only one subject, which subject would you want that to be?
  58. If you got to be the teacher tomorrow, what would you do?
  59. If you got to teach tomorrow, who would you want to be your assistant?
  60. If you could change any part of your school, what would you change?
  61. If your teacher had $500 to spend on the classroom, what do you think she would buy?
  62. What kind of class pet do you think your class would have if they could have one?
  63. Who in your class would make the best teacher?
  64. Who would make the worst teacher?
  65. What other job do you think your teacher would be really good at besides teaching? What would they be really bad at?
  66. If you could only play one activity at recess for the rest of the year, what would it be? Why?
  67. If you could have one superpower that could only be used at school, what would it be? Why?
  68. How would the world be different if animals could talk?
  69. If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?
  70. What is the hardest thing about being a kid?
  71. Who would you like to play with at recess that you’ve never played with before?
  72. Who in your class do you think you could be nicer to?
  73. Where do you play the most at recess?
  74. Who is the funniest person in your class? Why is he/she so funny?
  75. Is there anyone in your class who needs a time-out?
  76. If you could switch seats with anyone in the class, who would you trade with? Why?
  77. What is the most popular game at recess?
  78. Who in your class would you like to know better?
  79. What rule do you think the teacher needs to add? Take away?
  80. What do you think your playground needs more of?
  81. If you could get rid of one school rule for the day, which one would it be and why?
  82. What is something you want to do at school but haven’t gotten to yet?
  83. Is there anything you’d like to learn that you’re not learning at school?
  84. What part of school do you enjoy the best besides recess?
  85. What subject do you feel you are doing the best in, and which subject are you struggling in the most?
  86. Are the other kids in your class showing respect for the teacher and their rules?  What about you?
  87. How do you decide who you’ll sit with during lunch?  Who did you sit with at lunch today? Have you ever tried looking for someone else who might need a friend at lunchtime?
  88. Is there anyone in your class that’s being treated unfairly?  Have you been treating anyone unfairly?
  89. If I were to ask your classmates to give me a description of you and how you treat others in the class, how do you think they would describe you?
  90. What are some of the names of new kids you’ve met this year?  What can you tell me about them and their families?
  91. If you could change one thing about your class, what would it be?
  92. If you could choose, who would you like to sit by in class? Why?
  93. Who would you NOT want to sit by in class? Why?
  94. In your opinion, where is the coolest place at the school?
  95. Have you ever felt unsafe at school?
  96. Of all the things you are learning, what do you think will be the most useful when you are an adult?
  97. Are you a good friend? Why do you think so?
  98. Would you cheat on a test if you knew you would not get caught? Why or why not?
  99. If you could give one gift to every single child in the world, what gift would you give?
  100. What five words do you think most describe you?
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100 questions to ask your kids after school (2)

100 questions to ask your kids after school