Summer Staycation ideas
Photo by Kamila Cellary on Unsplash

A staycation is simply a vacation spent without leaving town or traveling far. Staycation activities can be just as relaxing as going to an actual travel destination, if you have the right activities. You get to avoid the stress of traveling, sleeping in a different bed, and paying too much to eat every meal at a restaurant.

Here are 20 effortless staycation activities to help you enjoy your vacation at home:

  1. Spend the day at the pool. Splurge for snacks and live it up.
  2. Go for a long bike ride. Your bike might be hiding behind the lawnmower or beneath the rake, but it’s ready to go. Add some air to the tires and go out for a long ride. Look online for bike paths and popular routes.
  3. Have a picnic. Whether it’s at the park, pool, or beach, a picnic provides a relaxing, enjoyable time. Pack your favorite foods and bring your favorite people.
  4. Attend a sporting event. Professional sports are exciting, but expensive. If an NBA game is out of your budget, check out the local high school team or minor league town in your area. Sports can be exciting at any level.
  5. Read a book. If you love to read books then you know it can be hard to find time to read when you always seem to be busy with work. Take advantage of your free time and relax with a good book. You might even find the time to get a library card. Then your books are free. Get some ideas by looking at the Best Parenting Books You’ll Want to Read Again and Again.
  6. Visit a local museum or zoo. Most people go out of town to visit the zoo or museum. Now is the time to check out your local offerings. Some of these places even offer summer camps for kids and adults.
  7. Spend a day at the movies. Pack in three or more movies in the same day. The real cost is the food. Consider watching one movie, then heading out for lunch. You’ll be full and satisfied for the next couple of movies.
  8. Have friends over for a movie night. Stay at home and rent movies-on-demand. Invite over a few friends and tell them to bring their favorite snacks. Consider doing a “theme” movie night such as Super Heroes, or 80s Classics.
  9. Rent a boat. Rent a speedboat or sailboat for the day. Test out your skills and spend some quality time on the water.
  10. Check out a local band. Get out for an evening and enjoy the local music scene.
  11. Go out for a fancy lunch. Since you’re not spending money on a vacation, you may want to consider having lunch at that fancy restaurant downtown. Splurge a little bit and enjoy yourself.
  12. Join a sport. You’ve always said you’d be great at golf if you just had the time to practice. Now you have the time. Consider taking a few lessons and concentrate on improving your game. Or join a sport for fun like sand volleyball or softball.
  13. Go Camping or Glamping if you prefer. Your kids will have so much fun, it just might become an annual event. If you have little kids you can go camping in your own backyard, a relatives backyard or in a sunroom.
  14. Stay at a Hotel. You can do this in your own hometown. This is an especially good one for younger kids because they will think it’s an adventure and you will get a day or two of cleaning service.
  15. Have a spa day. Turn your bathroom into a spa. Plug in your favorite diffuser and essential oils. I personally love ___ and ___. Throw in some bath bombs like these from ____. Voila! Relaxation is waiting for you!
  16. Take a food tour of the world. If you’re lucky enough to live in a town that has some variety of restaurants, use that to your advantage. Try out new, exciting restaurants from different ethnic backgrounds. It will be a great experience for your kids taste buds and minds as they learn about different cultures, and it will also give you a break from cooking.
  17. Make a food tour of the world. If you know your way around the kitchen, and are the adventurous type, then you might do well with this one. You could make foods of the world at home. Start out by researching dishes, then head to local ethnic markets if you have them.
  18. Take a class. Try something new! Whether you decide on a dance class, a pottery class or a cooking class, the idea is to have fun while expanding your horizons. Your city may even offer free classes at local community centers, museums and colleges.
  19. Get crafty. Do you love to draw, paint, decorate or sew? No matter what your craft, take some time to do it this Summer.
  20. Plan a vacation. Fall and Winter break will be here before you know it. Get a head start on vacation planning.

A staycation can be a better option than going out of town. You’ll have fun and have money to spare. Use your vacation time wisely, get out of the house, and enjoy your time off.