awesome best planners for 2019

Let’s talk about the best planners for busy moms to grab onto in 2019. As we roll on into a new year, you no doubt want to get organized. That’s what we do right?

I am admittedly a planner & journal junkie. I love a good planner. There is magic in writing things out on paper.

For the past two years the Passion Planner has been my go-to planner. I adore it’s layout, the feel of it’s pages, the cover and overall it’s quality craftsmanship. However, this year as I scrutinized the various planners, I found myself in love with another! You may be as shocked as I was myself.

Here are my top 3 planners for mom in 2019. I’ve rated a ton of planners and I’ve brought to you what I believe are the best planners out there.

Not just any ol’ planner will make my list of best THREE. To be listed on my list of best planners for mom, these planners have to meet the following criteria.

To make the list of the best kick-ass planners, these planners have to make sense 

This is my first and foremost criteria of a kick-ass planner. To make the list of the best the planner has to make sense and shouldn’t take me more than a few seconds to figure out how to use it.

How many times have you looked through a planner or organizer only to discover you are totally lost as to how it actually functions?

I have done this a lot of times.

I see a great planner. I fall in love and then I open it. Once inside I struggle to figure out how to use it. It reminds me of before I was married and I was in the single dating world. So many times I’d see a cute guy, then then he’d open his mouth and make no sense. … Next!

Everything about the planner can be great, but if it’s not user-friendly and it doesn’t make sense, then it’s totally not worth it. Am I right? Of course! So this is the first criteria of a good planner in my opinion. It has to be user-friendly and just plain make sense!

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The second criteria is that the planner needs to be made of quality material

Nothing drives me more bonkers than ordering a planner online. Waiting patiently for it to arrive. Rip open the packaging. Pull it out. Only to find it has crap materials.

I can’t tell you how many times I have ordered planners that arrive with super thin pages, or crappy thin covers, or binding that breaks.

I need a planner that is sturdy! I’m sure you do too. We are busy moms and we don’t have time to mess around.

My third criteria for a kick-ass planner is it has to be budget friendly

Let’s face it, any time we can save a few bucks is a really great thing. Enough said!

Now that you know the criteria are used, let’s see which planners stand up to my criteria.

In my opinion, these are the 3 best kick-ass planners for a busy mom.

The 3 Best Kick-Ass Planners for Busy Moms in 2019

#1 The Attraction Planner

law of attraction plannerThe Law of Attraction Planner is the planner I chose for me this year. I work from home and needed a planner with the flexibility of family and business.

It’s promoted as being a planner & life coach all in one. Let me just say that it truly is and I am so grateful I purchased this planner again for this coming year. It is well laid out and teaches the 8 simple steps to master the secret behind the law of attraction.

This planner is based on principles from well known author and thought leader Bob Proctor. This planner also sells out fast so if you want this planner at a great price, NOW is the time to get it!

Buy the Law of Attraction Planner

#2 Passion Planner

passion planner best kick-ass planners for mom 2019More than a daily planner, Passion Planner increases productivity by organizing your life to focus on your goals. All-in-one appointment calendar, journal, daily and weekly log. This is why I love the Passion Planner. BUT I don’t use this planner currently.
This planner is very similar to the Attraction Planner I mentioned in first place. I used the Passion Planner for years but some things always bothered me. I didn’t like the hours, the day started too late for me and ended too early – clearly not developed by a parent of any kind. The Law of Attraction Planner has extended hours.
Also there are some great areas for jotting down ideas but it always felt lagging to me in that I wanted a planner to actually help me set and attain goals. That’s what the Attraction Planner does for me. If those two things don’t matter to you then the Passion Planner may be right for you.

#3 Plum Planner


If you are looking for a customizable planner, then Plum Paper might be the perfect planner for you. Plum Paper has 2 planner sizes 7 X 9 and 8 1/2 X 11. You can choose a smaller purse size or full desk size.

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Plum Paper also offers 10 different layouts in various vertical and horizontal styles. Some formats even allow you to label the categories (like Mom, Dad, kids names or meal planning, appointments, whatever you need to plan your time).

You can also design a  cover and add pages.

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