Extremely easy ways to show your child love

“Does he know how much I love him?” The words race through my mind like a flash as our 7-year-old leaves the van and heads out for his day of school.

Our morning was rushed, as always. Hurrying to get up, get dressed, beds made, breakfast eaten, teeth brushed, bag packed… then poof! The quick 5-minute drive to school went by in a flash and next thing I knew he is leaving me for the day.

In our crazy hurried rushed morning, did I say “I love you?”

“Damn,.. does he know I love him?”

I hope so. I mean, I think he does.

From that day on I was determined to remind him and his brother, every day, just how special they are loved. This is the list I developed.


30 extremely easy ways to show your child love


  1. Saying I love you never gets old. Tell your child daily.
  2. Hug often and be the last to let go.
  3. Smile at your child… often.
  4. Remember it’s about them, not you. If you had a bad day at work, or in your business, put that aside – slap a smile on your face and make your time with them joyous. This is their childhood. It’s the only one they get. (Tell yourself that daily).
  5. Listen when they have something to say. Look them in the eyes, smile if appropriate and listen.
  6. Psst… Good listeners also ask questions — so ask questions! This helps your child know you are really listening to what they are sharing with you.
  7. Stay in their room just a few minutes longer than usual at bedtime.
  8. Read an extra bedtime book. If you arrive home too late to read books during the night, read a book at breakfast instead.
  9. If they have a bad dream, don’t be too quick to rush them back off to bed. Take the time to listen, empathize with their feelings and sit with them. Never disregard their feelings.
  10. When they make you something, no matter what it is, look them in the eyes and say thank you while wearing the biggest smile. Tell them what you like about what they have created, or how special it makes you feel.
  11. Create something special for your child. When I go out of my way to make even the smallest of pictures for my children, they regard it as something so valued.
  12. If they are of reading age, put a small note in their lunchbox. Something as simple as “have a great day – I love you” can make them feel so loved.
  13. Whenever your kid is desperate to get your attention, drop what you are doing and give it to him. Show him that he really does matter. Besides, how often in life do we get to have the company of someone who loves us so much?
  14. Acknowledge something your child has done right, especially if it’s without being asked  — “Thank you for putting your toys away” or “Great job getting your bag unpacked”
  15. Compliment your kid on something they do — “I really love listening to you sing. You sing so wonderfully.”
  16. Cook together, let your kid help you make a dinner or bake together. Sure it may be messy and take longer than when you do it on your own, but you are giving your child your time which is priceless. Plus he will feel special and gain confidence in the kitchen – bonus!
  17. Try to get ready ahead of schedule so that things aren’t so rushed. That way you can let your child take their own time getting in the car, putting on their shoes, or whatever they may need to do. (Trust me mama, this is my biggest obstacle. If it is for you too – I feel your pain).
  18. Really listen to what your kid is saying without interrupting.
  19. Ask your child’s opinion and let them know what they think really does matter.
  20. Proudly display their artwork in your home.
  21. Don’t speak about their faults, to anyone else where they may hear, or in front of them.
  22. When you’re with friends or family, speak about their talents, or something good they have done. For an added confidence boost – do this when your child isn’t directly in the conversation but you know he can hear you. How fun for your child to overhear you talking about him in such a loving way.
  23. If you’ve had a disagreement, give them a big hug and tell them that it’s okay.
  24. Follow through on any promises you make. (Keep your promises now so they keep theirs in the future).
  25. Play with your kid, even when it is for only a few minutes.
  26. Get messy together.
  27. Say yes, instead of no.
  28. Give your kid your full attention when you are together. Cell phone away, television off.
  29. Do something fun together on the weekend. Even if it’s as something as simple as going to a different playground.
  30. Try to see their point of view even if you can’t.
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