Christmas Shopping - save money on Amazon Black Friday deals

Amazon can save any family a lot of money – especially around the holidays – if you know how to get the best deals. I’ve been shopping on Amazon since the early days and have found a few simple hacks that can save you lots of money. Some of them are a bit time-consuming, but fortunately I also share a few shortcuts along the way.

So dig into this post, share with a friend you care about who also wants to save money this holiday season, and let’s get some good deals for Christmas and set up new shopping habits to save money in the new year too!

5 Tips to Shopping Black Friday on Amazon and Come Out Winning (1)
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1. Check out Amazon (Early) Black Friday Sales

If you follow my Simple Savings Facebook group then you know – Amazon has already started some of their Black Friday specials with new deals coming out every 5 minutes!  Now in all openness I have to say, not all of the deals are that special yet – that’s why I put the best deals (in my opinion) in the group. But you can check out all the deals for yourself.

See all the Countdown to Black Friday Deals Week sales here.

2. Join Amazon Prime (at least for the 1-Month Trial)

Seriously sister friends – this is thee VERY BEST TIME TO GET PRIME.

What is Prime? Let’s just say it makes life magically simple! It gets you free two-day shipping no matter what you order and when, plus extra privileges like music, video streaming and more. I love using Amazon Prime all the time (it just makes my life easier) – but even if I didn’t use it the rest of the year I would DEFINITELY use it right now before the holidays!

Not only is the fast & free shipping so helpful for Holiday shopping – but Amazon Prime members get *special treatment* on Black Friday.

Prime Members get access to lightning deals 30 minutes before the general public.

The good news is – you don’t even have to make that $99/year commitment to get Prime for Black Friday!

Sign up for a 30-Day Free Trial of Amazon Prime and enjoy all the perks for the whole month of November. 

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3. Browse Upcoming Deals & Set Reminders

The best way to make sure you get in on a good lightning deal is to browse through the upcoming deals, add items to your cart, and set yourself a reminder to come back and purchase when it begins.

It’s a bit of a hassle, but taking a few moments each morning to check it out could really pay off – especially if you’re shopping for big-ticket items like a television, kitchen appliance or game system.

4. Watch Amazon ALL Black Friday Week

Amazon can be a little bit unpredictable about when they’ll release the next *HOT* deal on a popular item – so keep checking in throughout the week of Black Friday.

Or save yourself the hassle, because I’ll be watching it for you!  Just stay connected in one of the following ways:

5. Use A Deal Tracking Tool

This tip has been around for a while and it’s still oh so helpful! Use to see a price history of items on Amazon – this way you always know if you’re getting a deal.

Just copy and paste the URL from the item you’re looking at on Amazon into their browser. It will give you the lowest price and let you know what that item has sold for at any time in the past.

A couple more things to keep in mind with Amazon Black Friday Sales:

Amazon Will Be Price Matching

If you see a sizzling deal on an item at a large retailer like Target or Walmart – then you just might find that same deal (or better) at Amazon. They’re known for price matching!

Amazon Products Will be on Sale

Waiting around for an awesome deal on a Kindle Fire, or a new Apple iPad?  Expect these items and other popular items to be on sale for Black Friday! Items like Kindles, Fire TV Stick, Echo, and Alexa – and they may even be on sale before Black Friday too!