compelling reasons for a juice fast

6 Compelling Reasons Why Juice Fasting is Really Worth It

Juice Fasting is different than juicing daily for overall health. Juice Fasting is when you eliminate all food and only consume juice and water for a number of days. Generally the time period is 3-7 days but if you are new to Juice Fasting you may want to consider less.

There are many advantages of juice fasting

1. Juice requires minimal digestion

The calories and other nutrients in juice require very little digestion, so the body absorbs the nutrients very quickly. All this unused energy is available to repair and rejuvenate the body. This is a big deal for anyone but especially to the busy mom on the go who can use all of the energy she can get.

You absorb many micronutrients. When juicing, you’ll use far more fruits and vegetables than anyone could possibly eat. Your stomach just isn’t big enough to hold all of that mashed up produce, but with juicing it’s no problem!

With juice fasting, you are getting tons of vitamins and minerals that are not available by eating only whole fruits and vegetables.

2. Your body gets a chance to repair itself

Without the stress of digesting food, your body is able to spend time and energy on other things that can enhance your overall health.

For example, organ repair and removal of dead and diseased cells can become more efficient.

3. You will lose weight

Juicing provides tons of micronutrients with minimal calories. One could very easily juice fast and only consume a few hundred calories per day. You will lose a lot of weight, as long as you keep the amount of fruit juice under control. Don’t forget your greens! And drink lots of water to flush out the toxins the juice is working hard to remove from your body.

4. Your blood pH will stabilize

The modern Western diet is very acid promoting. The body does not function optimally in an acidic environment. Many body processes are pH dependent, and an incorrect pH creates a lot of work for the body.

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The 3-dimensional structure of proteins is dependent on pH. Keep in mind that enzymes are all protein molecules. A tremendous number of biological processes in the body are dependent on enzymes.

Most fruits and vegetables promote an alkaline pH. Some natural health experts believe an alkaline pH is among the most important components of good health.

5. There are numerous other benefits

You can also enjoy these perks of juice fasting:

  • Greater mental focus and clarity are common when juicing. We all know the feeling of being mentally sluggish after a big meal. Maybe you actually feel that way all the time, to a lesser degree, and don’t even realize it. It’s worth considering.
  • You will likely experience a mood boost. Many people report feeling refreshed and happy while juice fasting.
  • Your skin, nails, and hair will grow stronger and appear healthier. Juice fasters commonly report enhancements in these areas. Come on, who doesn’t want more gorgeous skin, hair and nails?!
  • You’ll have more energy. It seems odd to think that you could eat less and have more energy. But consider that one pound of fat provides enough calories for you to run for about 30 miles. Your body isn’t suffering from a lack of energy. Unless you’re extremely lean, you have plenty of energy stored and ready for use.
  • Your heart and overall cardiovascular health will increase. It’s common for blood pressure to stabilize.
  • The liver has a chance to detoxify. Many of the most harmful chemicals in food are fat-soluble. Since juicing has practically no fat, you won’t be ingesting these substances.
  • By losing weight, your body will finally have a chance to release other harmful chemicals stored in the body.

If you feel like you’ve been stuck in a rut with your health, juice fasting might hold the answer to rejuvenating yourself. All you need is a juicer and some fruits and vegetables.

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Why not give juice fasting a chance and see what it can do for your mind and body. Give your body a rest from all the food it’s had to digest over the years. If you give your body a break, it may surprise you in many wonderful ways.Ultimate Simple Guide to Juicing

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