It use to be that Google Keyword Tool was the bomb diggity for finding out which keywords to use in your blog posts or marketing.

I find that Google Keyword Tool is a bit ridiculous in setting up. There are only a few steps to get it started but it can be super confusing for any newbie.

In my career over the past nearly two decades, one of the questions I get asked the most is how do I know what keywords to use in my blog posts, or video titles. My answer is simple. First, I do not use Google Keywords Tool – yuck – too much time wasted.

I have discovered 8 substitutes to use instead of Google Keyword Tool. They are far more user friendly, super fast and never fail.

7 Substitutes to Google Keyword Tool


7 Substitutes to Google Keyword Tool

You could honestly use these tools for darn near anything you are wanting to create a headline or content for online. I’m talking not just blog posts, but also Facebook Live videos, YouTube videos, darn near anything. So here we go – the 8 Substitutes to Google Keyword Tool.

Answer the Public

I just discovered this little gem a few months back, or rather a friend introduced it to me. I am in love with it. Some people don’t seem to get the value right away and if you are one of them, that is okay, just play around with it for a while and you will get the hang of it. Essentially it is a free visual keyword research and content ideas tool. Think of a mindmap meets report tool.  It is personally a new favorite of mine for finding topics, and questions.


I love Wordtracker in that is is really easy to use, lightening fast and appears to be really up to date in what it delivers back in results. There is a paid version to this free tool so you will see some of the report areas are blurred out but you still get a lot of information even with the free tool.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a great tool primarily because it is tied into Google which is the largest search engine in the world right now. It is also nice in that it literally does show you the trends right now. You can also search for specific keywords and do a comparison on keywords.

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This really is the most versatile tool of the bunch. With the BuzzSumo SEO tool you can look at trending data, search through keywords and refine it by topic and type. If you are a free user, there will be a daily limit as to how much you can use the tool in one day. There are a lot more features for paid users. For some mompreneurs, such as myself, this tool may be a bit of overload and overwhelm. But as my five-year-old says, everyone is different. For others, it may be exactly what you are looking for in an SEO tool.


Neil Patel the founder at Ubersuggest appears to really know his stuff when it comes to websites. His free tool makes it super easy to pull on the power of Google without setting up your own Google AdWords account and using the Google Keyword Tool.


This Keywordtool is not at the top of my list for a reason. While it is handy in that it searches through popular keyword searches on Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, Ebay & the App Store  – it does not allow you to see the actual number of searches for your keyword.


This tool by InstaKeywords has a quick search and expanded search version. Both are totally free and awesome.

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