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Let’s face it we need to know the best planners for moms – not for dads, grandmas, or the single crowd – but for moms. Moms are multi-taskers, doers, and the glue of the household even if we’re totally disorganized we have to find a way to be organized. We need a planner that can keep it all organized and maybe even make life a little easier.

Yes there are tons of free planners and planner pages on Pinterest that anyone can print out and slap into a binder. If that’s what works for you then awesome. I’m not that mom. I love the feel of a good planner with nice thick pages because for me, a planner is more than just a calendar. It becomes something I can look back through and reference in years to come.

Over the years I’ve researched a ton of planners. For this article I’ve also asked other moms what they use. Here are the results of best planners for mom in 2020 based on the most loved. I start with my top favorites, then move into runners-up — but first, let me tell you how these best planners for mom were judged and chosen.

My Top 3 Personal Requirements to Be the Best Planners for Mom

1. The layout of the planners have to make sense

This is my first and foremost criteria to be one of the best planners. To make my list of the best, these planners have to make sense and shouldn’t take me more than a few seconds to figure out how to use it.

How many times have you looked through a planner or organizer only to discover you are totally lost as to how it actually functions?

I have done this a lot of times.

I see a great planner. I fall in love. I open it. And I’m totally confused. Once inside I struggle to figure out how to use it. It reminds me of back before I was married and I was in the single dating world. So many times I’d see a cute guy, then then he’d open his mouth and make no sense….. Next!

Everything about the planner can be great, but if it’s not user-friendly and it doesn’t make sense, then it’s totally not worth it. Am I right? Of course! So this is the first criteria to be considered as one of the best planners for mom. It has to be user-friendly and just plain make sense!

2. The planner needs to be quality material

Nothing drives me more bonkers than ordering a planner online. Waiting patiently for it to arrive. Rip open the packaging. Pull it out. Only to find it is made of garbage material.

I can’t tell you how many times I have ordered planners that arrive with super thin pages, or cruddy thin covers, or spiral binding that breaks.

I need a planner that is sturdy! I’m sure you do too. We are busy moms and we don’t have time to mess around. So in order to be one of the best planners for mom, the thing has to be sturdy and quality-made.

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3. The planner has to be budget friendly

Let’s face it, any time we can save a few bucks is a really great thing. Enough said! To be considered as one of the best planners for mom it also has to be cost-effective.

Now that you know the criteria we used, let’s see which planners stand up to to the test.

In my opinion, (and the opinion of many other moms everywhere) these are the 3 best planners for mom in the year to come.

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The Best Planners for Moms

#1 The Panda Planner

The Panda Planner claims to be scientifically designed to make you happier and more productive. It’s is all about accountability, guiding you through setting monthly, weekly, and daily priorities and goals.

The company says “This planner will help you get more done and feel happier or we’ll give you your money back, it’s that simple.” I’ve been using this planner for a couple of months now – I purchased the undated version so I could dive into it early. I love the daily accountability and reflection it provides. It allows me to go to bed and wake up focused on what I need to get done.

#2 The Clever Fox Planner

The Clever Fox Planner really is true to it’s name. This smart planner comes in daily, weekly or monthly. You can get either dated or undated. We love that it’s versatile enough to meet any style of planning you like to do. We enjoy the Clever Fox Pro Planner the best.

Clever Fox planner will help you create a vision for your life, define and breakdown your short and long-term goals in each area of your life. The prompts for yearly, monthly, and weekly goals will really help you reflect on what you need to get done and to stay on task.

The makers of Clever Fox Planner also have helpful videos about using the planner that you can find on their YouTube Channel.

#3 The Attraction Planner

The Law of Attraction Planner was the best planner for me personally for more than two years. I loved it. I only switched because I needed a planner to fit in my purse, and I needed more daily accountability.

It’s promoted as being a planner & life coach all in one. It teaches the 8 simple steps to master the secret behind the law of attraction.

This planner is based on principles from well known author and thought leader Bob Proctor. This planner also sells out fast *(there’s a reason why it’s one of the best) so if you want this planner at a great price, NOW is the time to get it!

It has plenty of flexibility for family and business.

#4 Passion Planner

More than a daily planner, Passion Planner increases productivity by organizing your life to focus on your goals. All-in-one appointment calendar, journal, daily and weekly log. This is why so many people love the Passion Planner.

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This planner is very similar to the Attraction Planner I mentioned. I used the Passion Planner for many years but some things always bothered me. I felt that the daily hours started too late for me and ended too early. Also there are some great areas for jotting down ideas but it always felt lagging to me in that I wanted a planner to actually help me set and attain goals (like the Attraction planner). If those two things don’t matter to you then the Passion Planner may be the best planner for you.

#5 the Happy Planner

The Happy Planner® is a customizable disc-bound planner system that combines your love for creativity with your need for organization. You can start with just the planner, my personal favorite is this one with the llama – I love llamas. Or go all in and get a creativity kit that comes with the planner, stickers, washi tape and other fun stuff to get creative.

The Happy Planner was created by a mom-and-daughter duo who shared a love for scrapbooking. It first launched in the Spring of 2015 and has gained in popularity every year. If you love to be organized while expressing your creative side, then this may be the best planner for you.

Other great planners you’ll love

Here are some more of the best planners for mom that didn’t make the very top of my list, but you might find you enjoy them and they suit you and your needs perfectly. They are well-loved by countless moms and therefore do deserve to be on this blog post too – check them out!

Ann Knapp Christian Family Organizer – It’s functional and inspirational.

Chaos Coordinator Planner – Clean simple layout for the mom who loves minimalism.

Mom’s Family Wall Calendar – This planner is actually a family wall calendar that is helpful for the entire family to get organized and allows mom to easily multi-task.

GoGirl Budget Planner – If you’re looking to organize your finances while planning your new year then the GoGirl Budget Planner might be the right fit for you.

Reminder Binder – this is a favorite of a lot of moms and almost made the top of my list except that I’m not a huge fan of planner binders. But a lot of moms love this one so I may have to do a review on it soon! It is one of the best planners for a lot of moms.

Tools4Wisdom – Comes in a variety of styles and filled with useful tools and gorgeous pictures to organize your life.

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