If you’re a boy mom then you know that life with boys is an adventure in and of itself. And while every boy is unique and different from each other, they do share some similarities that make us moms laugh, cry or simply stand in awe and wonder.

As a mother of two boys myself I have to say raising boys has been a journey. They can be so sweet and tender, yet so crazy and rambunctious. Since raising boys I’ve learned it’s fun to get messy, the mere talk of bodily functions can insight hysterical laughter, bugs can be “cute,” and evidently it takes a long time to actually learn to pee into a toilet well.

Here are a few more things I’ve learned about life with boys,.. presented to you in some fun boy mom meme humor. Credit is given to all of those who created these graphics. Share the love by sharing this post! Give this link to a boy mom who needs this today!

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