It takes a village to raise a mom. And Momalot is YOUR Village.

Momalot is a place for moms, by moms. That means you essentially build this blog and online community. Momalot is where you can get motivation & inspiration. You can find nuggets of inspiration and share some of your own truthbombs. You can connect with other moms just like you.

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It takes a village to raise a mom. Moms, we need each other, maybe even more than we know. So we encourage you to not only look through this blog, but also get connected on the Momalot Facebook page and Facebook group. Check out our pins on Pinterest.

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Every mom has a story to share. Even if you’re not a writer, reach out and we can help you share your story. Learn more about how to share your story.

Momalot Stories are first person, 700-900 word stories, reflecting on the insights and issues you’ve experienced in motherhood—and the wisdom you’ve gained along the way. They address a specific pain point of mom life that you have been through or are going through right now. They help women realize they’re not alone, and they never judge. Instead, they inspire other moms with stories of meaning, hope and a realization that, “you’ve got this.” Momalot Stories appear on our site, our social media channels, or could even be submitted as a video.

Some example of great Momalot Stories —
No one told me I’d hate my spouse after childbirth
When babyhood isn’t want I expected
How I work at home with two kids
How I saved my family’s Christmas

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