Easy Formula to Choose a Word For the New Year

Every year I choose a word to use as a mantra or guiding light during the year. It helps me remember how I want to feel and what I want to achieve.

For example, In four years ago my word was “light.” I wanted everything in my life to feel “light.” In other words, I wanted my weight to be literally light(er) and less than it currently was at the time of deciding on the word. I wanted my work at home business to be lighter in the sense that I wanted to cut out the unnecessary tasks that were weighing it down, not producing income and making me miserable. That’s when I developed the 5 Skills You Absolutely Need to Successfully Work From Home. I also wanted “lighter” relationships – focusing on the good ones and giving less attention to toxic relationships. Get the idea? 

Three years ago my word was growth and I used it to gauge that I was creating growth in all aspects of life – spiritual, family, personal development, business.

Last year I wanted to lead with love, so my word was love. Every decision I made was based on love – whether it be love for myself or love for my family, friends, business, passions.

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How to Choose a Word for the New Year

This is my fourth year to choose a word for the new year. I’ve had several people ask me how I come up with my word for the year and decide on it. I think it’s a personal journey and unique to each individual. Here are some basic principles I’ve created to help you choose a word for your new year.

Answer each question below to help you choose a word for the new year.

  1. What do you want to create?

    What are some of the goals you have for this year? You can write down more than one.Maybe your goal to step outside your comfort zone and start a new business. Maybe you’re getting married or having a baby. Maybe you’re wanting to mend old relationships. Perhaps you’re traveling.What is it you want to create this year?
  2. What do you want to feel?How we feel is usually the driving force behind what we want to create. For instance if you want to create a new business – maybe that’s because you want to feel “free.” If you’re getting married or having a baby the feeling behind that is “love.” Maybe you want to mend old relationships so you can feel “peace.”Get the idea? What is it that you ultimately want to feel in 2019? Write down as many of these words as you’d like. Take special note of any words that pop into your head when you ask yourself “How do I want to feel this year?” Write them all down.
  3. BrainstormThis is where it gets exciting! Take each of the words you’ve written down in steps one and two and expand upon them. Write down other words that are closely related. Pay close attention to any words that randomly pop into your head and write those down too!
  4. Read them out loudGo through all of the words you’ve written down in steps 1-3 and read each one out loud. As you read them out loud take note of how you feel with each one. Are there some you are more connected with than others? Which ones really light you up?As you read each word, it may be helpful to you to use this sentence “I want to feel more _____.” In other words, don’t just read the words, start with the phrase “I want to feel” then insert the word. I’m a firm believer than when you read your word out loud you will know when you have the right one. If not, move on to step 5 and check out the additional ideas I’ve shared below!
  5. Share your wordOften times close friends and family can see things about us that we can’t see for ourselves. Narrow down your decision to five or less, then share them with a close confidant to get their input and help you decide.
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100+ Ideas to Choose as Your Word for the New Year

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This year my word is grace. My goal is to extend grace to myself and others, and find more grace in my spirituality.

What is your word? If you have one, please share below! If you’ve gone through the steps above and are still uncertain then check out this list I’ve created below.  You’ll see 100+ words to choose from and make your own.

Once you enter your email address to access the list, go through the list and see if any words jump out to you! If any word or words jump out to you then take them and repeat Steps 4 & 5 above.

Once you’ve decided, please share your word below!

  1. Strong
  2. Success
  3. Growth
  4. Simple
  5. Value
  6. Trust
  7. Inspired
  8. Brave
  9. Complete
  10. Confident
  11. Bold
  12. Radiant
  13. Powerful
  14. Motivated
  15. Creative
  16. Joyful
  17. Gentle
  18. Connect3ed
  19. Ease
  20. Worthy
  21. Courageous
  22. Heard
  23. Accomplished
  24. Successful
  25. Full
  26. Whole
  27. Peaceful
  28. Determined
  29. Cherished
  30. Whole
  31. Enlightened
  32. Quiet
  33. Calm
  34. Abundant
  35. Free
  36. Grateful
  37. Light
  38. Authentic
  39. Encouraged
  40. Well
  41. Embraced
  42. Tender
  43. Relaxed
  44. Hopeful
  45. Celebrate
  46. Transform
  47. Intentional
  48. Better
  49. Kind
  50. Present
  51. Faithful
  52. Forgiven
  53. Grace
  54. Unstoppable
  55. Renewed
  56. Focused
  57. Devoted
  58. Tranquil
  59. Risen
  60. Persistent
  61. Aware
  62. Organized
  63. Empowered
  64. Intuition
  65. Compassion
  66. Creative
  67. Centered
  68. Sparkle
  69. Balanced
  70. Harmony
  71. Aligned
  72. Challenged
  73. Zen
  74. Nourished
  75. Released
  76. Wise
  77. Happy
  78. Charity
  79. Spiritual
  80. Blessed
  81. Open
  82. Uplifted
  83. Well
  84. Still
  85. Alive
  86. Awakened
  87. Badass
  88. Fierce
  89. Genuine
  90. Jubilent
  91. Upbeat
  92. Allowed
  93. Entrusted
  94. Compelled
  95. Vibrant
  96. Dynamic
  97. Mighty
  98. Redeemed
  99. Mindful
  100. Alive
  101. Prosperous
  102. Uncomplicated
  103. Journey
  104. Comfort
  105. Bliss

What’s your word for the year? Share it below!

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