family board games you will actually love to play
How many times have you played a board game only to be well... bored? Here is a list of family board games sure to keep you busy with the kids.

Depending on which family board games you get, they can become your favorites or your worst enemies. No one likes a long boring game.

Let me help you find some favorite family board games that will actually be fun to play and keep your family entertained!

These are my boys playing Clue on one of the days we were trapped inside by crazy winter weather and played board games almost all day.

My kids have been off school for almost two weeks. The temperatures here in the Midwest have been in the negative double digits, Wednesday the overnight low without wind chill was negative 30-degrees. On top of that we’ve had about 20-inches of snow over the past couple of weeks. Because of this crazy weather school has been cancelled and we have mostly been trapped at home. Needless to say, we’ve played a lot of board games.

We love board games in our family. We play pretty much every week and if you love them too then keep reading this article.

So what makes a board game one of the best?

What are the criteria for the best family board games?

So what does it take to be rated as one of the best board games? For this article I chose this criteria for this list of best board games.

  • I did a ton of research for this article because I wanted to see what else was out there that maybe my family hadn’t played yet. I looked at other top lists on the web. The games that kept showing up were purchased, played and considered for this list. (Plus it was another excuse to buy more games — dugh). ??
  • Our family plays all of these games. Only the ones that provide endless fun made the list. You know the kind of game I’m talking about — the games you play and don’t notice the time go by.
  • The games included had to be easy to understand. Let’s face it, if the game is challenging to even start to play then that takes the fun out of it. Games with tough or challenging directions didn’t make the cut.

Best Board Games Your Family Will Love


Ages: 7+ (in my opinion this should be 5+)
Play time: 10-40 minutes
Number of Players: 2-6

Watch Ya’ Mouth

Ages: 8+
Play time: 20-40 minutes
Number of Players: 3-10

Admittedly I was not a fan of Watch Ya’ Mouth when I first saw it. I mean come on, you have to put this plastic thing in your mouth and talk — um hello, gross! BUT then I saw how much ridiculous fun my kids were having and I was all in. I have to admit I was wrong about this family board game. Watch Ya’ Mouth is actually really fun and anyone can play it easily.

The Game of Clue

Ages: 8+
Play time: 20-40 minutes
Number of Players: 2-6

As a kid I played the original game of Clue for hours upon hours. Our family still has that original game board. You can buy the original Clue on Amazon – use this link to purchase it and you will be supporting this blog (thank you).

You can also get the new game of Clue or Clue Junior. The new game of Clue is fun and easy to understand and it has made our list of best board games for your family.

Monopoly Here & Now

Ages: 8+
Play time: 40-120 minutes
Number of Players: 2-4

There are a freakin TON of Monopoly games out there. There are different versions and varieties but our favorite has to be the Monopoly Here & Now. The Monopoly Here & Now has an American version and a World version. Our two boys love it because it is fun. My husband and I love it because they are learning about our country while having fun.


Ages: 7+
Play time: 40-60 minutes
Number of Players: 2-12

The adult version of this game can be challenging for younger kids. Both versions are fun to play as solo players or on teams.

We play the game of Sequence every year at Thanksgiving. It’s a family tradition to play Sequence and our kids look forward to it every year.

Do you have favorite family board games you’d like to add to this list? Just comment below or contact us!

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