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Have you heard about the Favorite Things Party? The idea is super fun and quickly taking over Galentine’s Day and Mom’s Night Out.

I’ll get into more detail about how to have a Favorite Things Party in a second. First let me explain the basic concept.

When was the last time you bought a new chapstick and then went on to tell five of your girlfriends that they MUST try it?! Exactly. We naturally talk about the things and products we love. We get giddy over good deals and good things. We’re going to share them anyway so why not make a party of it?

What is a Favorite Things Party?

So let’s start at the beginning. A Favorite Things party is when you invite any number of people over for a few hours to enjoy yours and theirs favorite things. These people can be family, co-workers, neighbors, or whomever you want.

The only stipulation is anyone in attendance must bring one of their favorite things for each person attending. For example, your favorite chapstick for all members attending. Generally the value of the gift amount is less than $10 to keep it budget-friendly.

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How to Host a Favorite Things Party

You’ve made the great decision to host a Favorite Things party, now let’s talk about how to actually host a Favorite Things Party.

First you’ll need to decide on a location. You can host a Favorite Things party in your home, a local restaurant, or other favorite location.

Next invite friends, family, co-workers or whomever you’d like to invite to your party. Use our handy Favorite Things Party invitation. Just download the invitation, print it, fill it out and hand it out.

On the day of the party set out paper bags on a table. Have your gift inside of each bag and leave the bags open so that each guest can drop their ‘favorite things gift’ into the bag. Encourage your guests to be ready to talk about their favorite thing or attach a note to their favorite thing so others can know why they chose it.

Have food and drinks at your party. Start the event by mingling and eating, then dig into the bags and have some fun sharing why each person brought what they did to the event.

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What to bring to a Favorite Things Party

As someone attending the party, all you need to bring is yourself and your favorite thing. Be sure to have enough of your favorite thing to give to everyone at the party. For example, if you have a favorite chapstick (like in our example above) just bring enough of that chapstick to give one to every member of the event.

You may be asked to bring a food item to share, but otherwise it’s usually just your favorite thing.

Gift Ideas for a Favorite Things Party

When considering what to bring to a Favorite Things Party, just start with what you know and love. Your favorite chapstick, lotion, or bath bomb are all good ideas.

Don’t have any favorites? Let us introduce you to some of ours!

Plant Therapy Lavender Essential Oil because everyone can use Lavender essential oil, especially when it’s from a source as good as Plant Therapy. Use it diluted with fractionated coconut oil or in your favorite diffuser.

‘All out of… Grocery Shopping Pads’ are so handy that any friend will be happy to own them, and they will quickly become one of your favorite things if they’re not already.

Me! Bath brand bath fizzies because bath fizzies make the world a better place.

Love Beauty and Planet Body Lotion is quite simply one of the best natural and cost-effectives out there today. If this is not currently one of your favorite things to use and share, it soon will be.

Aztec Indian Healing Clay is a simple facial treatment that will leave your skin looking and feeling renewed. Mix it with water or Apple Cider Vinegar to reduce pores, remove impurities, tighten and tone skin.

‘Hair Dance’ Dry Shampoo is a dry shampoo that doesn’t look like you’re wearing dry shampoo. It goes on like a powder and requires a make-up brush for quick application. A little goes a long way and the added essential oils make it an experience for the senses.

Your favorite toxic-free nail polish – ours is Zoya. Long-lasting, doesn’t chip and best of all it’s free from chemicals, Zoya is our favorite ‘clean’ nail polish and comes in a ton of colors and finishes.

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Chapstick Total Hydration Conditioning Lip Scrub, which they can use to heal their cracked lips (thanks a lot, winter!) and as a primer before applying their favorite lipstick.

Your favorite candle such as Chesapeake Bay Candles which are natural, soy-based candles that burn clean and provide gentle and lasting scent. Our favorite is Balance + Harmony but there are many to choose from.

Your favorite coffee or tea. You can provide a mini bag of coffee or a Keurig. If you’re a tea-lover depending on the price you can grab a whole box or select a few individual teabags.

Mini Wet Brush to detangle any lovely locks. Just like the larger version, this brush features soft bristles designed to glide through hair and detangle any mess.

Your favorite pens like these Paper Mate Flare Pens or Paper Mate Ink Joy.