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If you want to keep your youthful skin, you need to know why your skin starts to change as you age. Here are some of the most common things that affect your skin’s appearance and some of the ways to prevent your skin from aging too fast. The sooner you start applying these ideas the longer you will keep your youthful appearance.

As you age here are some of the changes that will occur:

  • Your top skin layer, epidermis, becomes thinner and more fragile
  • Your skin becomes drier, since oil glands produce less oil
  • The number of blood vessels decreases in your face and throughout your body. Blood brings nutrients to your skin cells, giving your skin a healthy and rosy look.
  • Skin cells are repaired or replaced much more slowly.
  • The sun and pollution start to show their effects on your skin by breaking down collagen and elastin, which give your skin its elasticity and bounce-back resilience.
  • Your good or bad diet starts to show it’s effects on your skin. In other words if you’ve had a bad diet more than likely your skin hasn’t gotten the nutrients it needs to be flexible, hydrated, oxygenated, and healthy.
  • The un-healthy skin products you have been using start to show their bad effects on your skin.

Now that we know all of the causes of unhealthy skin, let’s turn it around with an action plan of steps you can take right now for cleaner and healthier skin!

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Here are some things you can do to slow down the aging skin:

  • Use sunscreen every day! Some may think this is a bit of overkill but it’s true. You can slow down wrinkle formation and even prevent it, if you use sunscreen early in your life. Use sunscreen that contains Zinc Oxide rather than Titanium Dioxide. Daily, use a broadband SPF 15 and for heavy out door sun activities use SPF 30. If you wear makeup, put your sunscreen on first. On hot days and even when it is overcast use your sunscreen and a hat. Stay in the shade when possible.
  • Keep away from highly polluted areas and don’t smoke. Smoking changes the elasticity of the skin fibers leading to rough and wrinkled skin.
  • Get enough sleep. Your skin repairs itself when you sleep. Also remember to not sleep with you face in the pillow because the gentle tugging on your skin at night can cause wrinkles. If you just can’t sleep without your face touching the pillow, then opt for a silk pillowcase instead of regular cotton.
  • Drink plenty of water. Your skin loses water during hot days and needs plenty of water to keep hydrated. Sodas, sugar drinks, tea, (except herbal teas) coffee, or milk are not water, nor do they have the same benefits as water.
  • Minimize drinking alcohol. Alcohol can lead to spider veins and broken capillaries. It also causes your skin to become dehydrated.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables. They provide plenty of antioxidants, which protect you from sun and pollution damage.
  • Take an antioxidant supplement. Our favorite is Modere Liquid Biocell because it’s natural ingredients that repair your skin from the inside out.
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Start using these ideas and you will see improvement on your skin. Keep in mind though that it will take several days and weeks of consistency before you can actually SEE the results. Be patient and persistent and you will be rewarded with youthful looking skin.

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