Do you love adding a unique flair to your Christmas gifts but don’t have a lot of money or time? Well we have you covered. We’re sharing some simple do-it-yourself handmade Christmas gift tags you can whip up in minutes!

Your friends and family will love your thoughtfulness and you’ll love the time and money it saves you by doing this quick home project!

The best thing about these DIY Handmade Christmas Gift Tags is they are so simple to create! You just need:

  • a printer & paper (we recommend thick light-colored paper)
  • a pair of scissors
  • hole punch
  • cute ribbon

The process is simple:

  1. Just print out a sheet of the handmade Christmas gift tags. There are four sheets in all to choose from – or you can print all four for a total of 24 unique Christmas gift tags in all.
  2. Then cut carefully along the template with scissors or paper cutter.
  3. Punch a hole and attach some cute ribbon or twine! Voila!

It’s easy to get your free handmade Christmas Gift Tags.

We love to use thick light-colored paper for the handmade Christmas Gift tags, or gorgeous thick craft paper that looks like wood, but you can also use plain white paper or any other color.

Use these DIY handmade tags for presents. Wrap the gifts in fun kraft paper and add homemade ornaments for a fun touch! We got super cheap wooden ornaments from Hobby Lobby and tied our gifts with twine to give them a handmade modern feel.

You can also get creative and use these handmade gift tags as fun place settings at any fun holiday party or gathering!

You may also enjoy these handmade Christmas gift tags!

These Printable Christmas Gift Tags from DIY Detectives are simple and fun! They’ve cleverly put some gorgeous holiday paper behind the actual tags, and added some simple fun ribbon to give them extra flair with little extra effort. Get the Christmas gift tags here.

When you use these free tags, if you love them, please be sure to give a shout out by sharing this post with someone else you know, or on your social media. Merry Christmas!

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