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As we roll into the busy time of year we are left wondering how to get it all done. As if we’re not busy enough on a daily basis, now we have events to plan, more places to go, gifts to buy, food and cookies to bake and share. The holidays are a beautiful glorious time of year filled with excitement and fun but they can also easily lead to burnout, headache, and overwhelm. We don’t want that for you mama (or ourselves quite frankly)… That’s why today we are sharing five useful ways to get more done with less work.

Five Useful Ways to Get More Done With Less Work (1)
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1. Take a Break

I know I know, you’re probably either laughing hysterically at this one or rolling your eyes. But seriously, one great way to get more done in less time is to stop. That’s right, stop! If you’re over-worked and stressed out, you won’t get nearly as much done and you’re more prone to silly mistakes and illness. Sometimes you need to take a break and completely separate yourself from what is on your incredibly long list. You’ll find that taking a break is just what you need the most – even if it seems to be the opposite of what you should be doing. The best part: once you come back to your list, you’ll feel refreshed and more creative!

2. Prioritize & Be Okay with It

You need to make an organized and frequently updated list of priorities. When you prioritize your todo list, you’ll suddenly find that all of the work on your plate really is manageable. You can prioritize using letters or numbers so you clearly can see what needs to be done and when it needs to be done by.

The biggest trick of prioritizing is actually being okay with the stuff that’s lower on the list that maybe doesn’t get done. Because here’s the thing – you want to actually ENJOY this time of year right? If that’s the case, you have got to make a pact with yourself right now that you’re going to be okay with the ancillary things that don’t actually get accomplished.

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3. Combine Similar Tasks

The next thing you need to do is combine tasks that can be done at the same time. For example, plan out your errands so they can all be done in one trip, instead of multiple trips throughout the day or week. When it comes to work, you can group similar tasks that require the same tools or resources so they can be done more efficiently. Baking holiday cookies?… bake them all in the same day – maybe even make a party of it and be done with it. Since you have already organized your priorities, you’ll be more aware of what needs to get done, so you’ll be able to better combine similar tasks.

4. Get Help & Don’t Feel Guilty

As moms I think one of the things that is the toughest for us to do is to get help when we need it. Honestly though, you can only do so much alone, so ask for help! You will be able to accomplish much more with less time and effort when you work with other people. It’s okay if your husband doesn’t pick up the house the way you would, if he can just pick up one room then that is one less room you have to do. Get your kids to pitch in with chores.

If you run your own business, outsource the graphics and other things to a professional so you can focus on running your business. Or consider a virtual assistant. Give your assistant the trivial tasks and save yourself for the rest. You also may find it fun to have someone working with you on a shared task or goal.

5. Use the Power of Affirmations

Affirmations are another tool that can help you get more done with less work. These simple statements can help you maximize your time by focusing on the positive.

For example, in moments when your worklife seems overwhelming you can say something such as, “Each simple, completed task propels me towards success.” Repeating these affirmations will give you a positive state of mind that just may be the extra push you need to get more done with less work and in less time.

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