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Going Back To School – 8 Tips To Help Your Child

It can be a challenge to help your kids master going back to school. They’ve had all summer to do anything but school work. Summer is a time that most kids are free from anything school related and enjoying their freedom and fun. So it’s no wonder most of us parents get some backlash when it comes to going back to school and summer is over.

You can ease the transition with a few simple steps to help your children ease into the change.

Try these eight tips to help your children transition from the leisurely days of summer to the upcoming school year. Help your kids master going back to school. 

8 Tips To Help Your Kids Master Going Back To School

8 Tips To Help Your Kids Master Going Back To School
  1. Talk about it

    Keep an open dialogue with your children. If they have certain anxieties or reservations about attending school, help them ease their fears. Give them the opportunity to talk about it. Sometimes just talking can make them feel better. You don’t have to have all of the answers. Most of the time you just have to be willing to listen and give them your full attention.

  2. Help your children adopt a different perspective

    Do this by pointing out the positives about school. For instance, you can share with them how going to school allows them to discover and develop new strengths.  If they love extra activities such as art or music, then play up the fact they get to do those every week. And they’ll be able to see their friends each day!

  3. Set up personal challenges

    If you have a competitive spirit in your home then set up personal challenges for that child which relate to school. The idea is to keep the challenges smaller rather than larger so that the child builds excitement and momentum as he or she hits her goals and challenges.

  4. Establish a school routine early

    If you’ve lost your routine over the summer, try to get back on track as early as possible. If you go into the school year with a routine, you can avoid many difficult days and stressful situations. Put the routine into place the week before school or at the very least a few days beforehand. That way the kids are already transitioned to a regular sleeping routine by the time school starts.

  5. Throw a party

    The end of summer can be a happy time. Celebrate the beginning of the school year by throwing a party or barbeque. This way, your children won’t dread school. Instead, they might look forward to the party and the school year. Talk about the fun fall festivals that will be coming up for the school year and get them around kids that will be in their same class.

  6. Continue hobbies

    It’s important to remind your children that they’ll still have free time after school and on weekends. If they played most of the day during the summer, they’ll still have plenty of playtimes after school lets out. The hobbies that they enjoyed during the summer can continue on through the school year.

  7. Pick out first day outfits

    Your children will be nervous and excited on the first day of school. They may even want to spend more time on their appearance. You can help them look forward to the first day of school by picking out special outfits to wear. Help them dress for success by helping them choose the perfect outfit. We personally love Target. Click here to see what they have on sale now. Keep in mind that if you purchase anything through that link, it goes towards keeping this blog up and free. So thank you!

  8. Shop for school supplies

    Another activity that may get your kids excited about school is shopping for school supplies. Children sometimes have a specific list of items they’ll need. Let your child choose their own pens, paper and folders in their favorite colors. Again we love Target for school supplies. This year we did something a little different. We snuggled up together with the laptop, ordered our school supplies at Target online and picked them up at the store. The kids loved it and I enjoyed the convenience.

  9. Take a trip to school

    Often, fear of the new experiences to come can swallow a child’s enthusiasm for the new school year. If your child is attending a new school, bring him to school a day before the first official day of class. That way, he’ll know what to expect and feel more relaxed on the big day.

  10. BONUS TIP – Continue learning over the summer & winter holidays

    One way to make going back to school easier on your children is to limit their completely free time over the summer months. You can continue their education by providing educational activities and outings, and limiting tech play. That way it is not such a drastic shock to their system when it’s time to get back in class. Even if you haven’t done it all summer, starting to implement this just a week before-hand can be a huge help to getting them back on track.

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Going back to school can be an exciting time for all. Stress always goes along with new situations. But if you put these tips into practice, your kids will be better prepared and may even look forward to the first day of school. Best of luck and comment below to let us know how the first day goes!