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These are no doubt turbulent times. They are challenging all of us in ways we’ve never been challenged. However, despite the craziness that is our world these days. I can’t help but think there might be some good things to come out of all the pandemonium of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Before I continue with this post though – I just want to say this is not meant to be insensitive to the people and families that have been directly affected by Coronavirus. My heart particularly goes out to families that have experienced loss of loved ones due to the virus. My immense gratitude goes to families and individuals who are on the front lines of this pandemic as doctors, nurses and caregivers to keep everyone safe.

For most of us the pandemic at best means being sequestered to our homes and getting more family time. It means a change of routine, maybe some time off of work, or loss of some income. For many of us Coronavirus (otherwise known as COVID-19) will never be life-threatening. None-the-less we are all going through changes and shifts to combat this virus, and protect those most at risk in our population.

I’m curious as we go through all of this together, (from a distance) what will the world look like when we are on the other side of it? How will we have changed, possibly for the better, from Coronavirus disrupting our lives? Here are some of my thoughts and I am curious to find out what you think so please comment below.

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Working at home

As families and companies put procedures into place to work from home during this time of crisis, I am curious if they will continue to work from home after the pandemic is over.

I’ve been working from home since 2009 and the flexibility it offers has been tremendously valuable to our family. As other families also realize the value in working from home, or having extra income through a side job working from home, will they decide to continue working from home and leave their full-time jobs? Will companies that have offered work-at-home options during the pandemic continue to offer them afterwards because they see greater cost savings and effectiveness? Time will tell.

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Leaning into God

Life is meant to mold and shape us — and if we choose to lean into God through this challenging time we can be shaped and changed through all of this. The Bible says “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those who are crushed in spirit.”

I’m curious if we will see a spiritual awakening in our country and an increase of believers in Christ.

Will we see those who currently believe in Christ, gain a deeper faith?


I don’t know about your community, but I am blown away by the way our community is pulling together. Even with social distancing in place in our Midwest towns, people are still helping each other. Families are making cards for the elderly who are sequestered in nursing homes, delivering meals to those in need and rallying together to lift spirits.

I just saw a post today that is going viral. The post asks for us to donate to all the small businesses that are closed, just like they donated to our kids sports and activities in the past. Remarkable!

With school closures across the nation, many online resources are popping up offering free resources. Check out our list of Free Homeschool Resources to see what is happening, and be sure to add anything you don’t see on the list.

Relationships strengthening

The connection that is happening right now is so beautiful and I’m sure you’ve seen it too. With all of us practicing social distancing, and events and activities cancelled, the busy hustle and bustle of life is suddenly stripped away. It’s left us with more time for human connection that is not rushed by the constraints of time.

Social distancing has given us more time with our families. It’s allowed us more time to connect over the phone or in Zoom chats. Connecting on a deeper level in some cases, as we care and comfort each other during this time.

Rediscovering the little things

Have you found yourself noticing things you once took for granted? I have. The other day it was raining and I sat and watched it rain. We have a beautiful backyard with mature oak trees and I sat watching it rain through our big picture window. I was struck by the beauty of it and then went into our sunroom and sat, listened and soaked up the fresh smell. I don’t recall the last time I had done that – maybe not for years – because I didn’t have the time.

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One of my best friends told me how she & her kids had started watching the birds at their bird feeder. They had never done that in all their years of owning that bird feeder because they were just never home and life was too busy.

Gratitude Abound

It is during times of crisis that gratitude for what we have is deepened. I’m grateful for the first responders and those that are literally putting their life on the line to help all of us stay safe. I’m grateful for family, friends, food, shelter, health and grace-filled God. Gratitude so easily bubbles up when a life is refocused on what truly matters.

I don’t know if any of these changes will be lasting changes in our world. But part of me certainly hopes so. What changes have you seen? Feel free to share your thoughts below.