Little Known Way to Find God's Love Every Day

You’ll always find what you’re looking for. Both the good and the bad. This is something I tell my children all the time… (and myself.) It’s a lesson I’ve had to learn in my own life again and again.

In other words, when you believe something to be true, you’ll find “evidence” to support your belief and subtly ignore things that contradict it. Your belief ultimately starts with a choice.

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We see what we choose to see

Years ago I was in a training with the beautiful and talented Tiffany Peterson. I can’t remember the name of the course, so all I can say is it was about mindset. Tiffany had trained directly with the great Jack Canfield. At the time her course was inspiring and helpful. That was nearly a decade ago when I was new in my work at home journey.

One of the most valuable lessons from the class was our search for butterflies. Yes, butterflies. We were suppose to seek out butterflies for several days and report back on how many we found. At the time it was winter, and I lived in Iowa. I thought “this is nuts.” But to my surprise, I began seeing butterflies… everywhere. In books, on posters at the library, in jewelry, on websites. It was amazing! My mind was tuned into finding butterflies so my subconscious found them.

So years later when my youngest child unexpectedly found a heart made from a crushed hunk of winter salt on the sidewalk, I decided it was a good way to pass the lesson on to my kids … with a add a twist. ❤️ Looking at the unexpected heart my son had found, I told him “that heart is a reminder of God’s love. So when you find an unexpected heart, pause and think of God’s love for you. His love is everywhere. God is everywhere.” My son – just 5 at the time, smiled at me brightly and our journey of finding hearts began.

We find what we seek

Since then we’ve found all kinds of “secret” hearts. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ We’ve found hearts in a broken walnut shell, melted pancake butter, the fried markings of a tortilla shell, a milk splatter, and the list goes on. We find them because we are seeking them. Our subconscious is tuned in.

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Every time we find a heart we say “yes, God’s love is everywhere.” If we hadn’t been looking for those hearts, we would have never seen them. The butterflies, and later the hearts got me thinking. How many other things have we missed in life because we weren’t seeking them?

How many times does God give messages, and we’re not tuned in to see, hear and accept? Or maybe we focus on the bad things happening around us, despite the good right in front of us? Whatever we focus on, expands. Whatever we seek our subconscious will find scenarios that “prove” those points to ourselves. This can even sabotage ourselves in ways that make life back up those beliefs.

Your eyes see what you’re looking for – kind of like when you’re buying a new car and you keep seeing that model of car again and again. It’s because you’re subconsciously looking for it,.. and you keep finding it. The mind is amazing and powerful! 

Please share any hearts you find by commenting below!

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  1. Love this idea so much! As I was scrolling down I spotted that little tiny heart in the bottom corner of your Self-Sabatoge book! I’m 100% certain I wouldnt have even noticed it if I hadn’t been looking for it!!! So inspiring!!!❤

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