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The dreaded time of year is finally here. Flu, cough, cold and other seasonal illnesses are making their way around the office, the school room and soon will invade your home if they haven’t already.

Before you bathe yourself in hand sanitizer and keep everyone at a minimum safe distance, reach for essential oils as one natural way to support your immune system.

My family and I have been using essential oils for almost a decade at the time of writing this article. We’ve found them to be safe and effective when used properly.

I’ve put together a list of the best essential oils and synergistic blends you can use for immune support. Most of these immune booster essential oils are KidSafe, which means they are a perfect choice for your entire family. You should always use essential oils with safety in mind and never put oils on kid if they are not labeled KidSafe.

What essential oils are good for your immune system?

Organic Lavender

This go-to essential oil well known for its relaxing properties. But did you know it helps with immune support? Lavender is truly a versatile oil!

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Organic Frankincense Carteri

This variety of Frankincense has a green, balsamic, with lemon-wood aroma. Its association with the holidays is only icing on the cake for this exceptional oil. Add it to your skincare routine to help improve mature skin or add a few drops to your diffuser to take advantage of it’s immune boosting properties.

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Organic Lemon

Lemon is well known for its fresh, zesty citrus scent. In addition to being invigorating, it’s well known to support a healthy immune system plus uplift and revitalize. It also is a great addition to cleaning solvents.

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Organic Tea Tree

The final essential oil on our immune boosting list is Tea Tree Oil. Native to Australia, diffuse this oil to help clear the air and promote healthier air quality during times of seasonal illnesses. It’s fresh, medicinal, a green woodsy scent is sure to freshen up any room.

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Immune Aid

Take the guesswork out of diffusing the right oil with this popular synergy. It contains many of the oils on this list, making ideal to help maintain a healthy immune system. Consider mixing in a body care base or carrier oil and applying to the chest, neck, and throat in a 2% dilution.

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Organic Germ Fighter

Give your body an extra boost with Germ Fighter. To me this blend has a dominant cinnamon smell which I greatly enjoy in the winter months. This oil helps me when cold and flu symptoms start to appear. With this oil the cold and flu goes away fast. I apply on the bottoms of my feet and diffuse at night with lavender oil.

For children, try our fantastic companion KidSafe synergy blend,  Germ Destroyer.

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