Five Ways to Increase Motivation & Crush Your Mompreneur Goals

Five Ways to Increase Motivation & Crush Your Mompreneur Goals

In business and in life it’s motivation and drive that propel us forward toward the realization of our goals. Without motivation it’s really challenging to get through the tough times.

If you feel like you have less motivation than you’d like, the good news is there are ways to increase your motivation and happily start crushing your goals.

These suggestions may not be for the faint of heart, but if you really want results, try some of these ideas. I’ve been working at home as a mompreneur for almost a decade and I have to say without motivation I would have quit long ago. As a work at home entrepreneur, especially with kids, you will have ups and downs. You will have tough times. You will have moments you want to quit.

Do yourself a favor. Don’t quit on a bad day.

Grab a notebook and take down these quick tips to increase your motivation and refer back to it on the days you want to give up on your dreams.

5 ways to stay motivated so you can crush your goals

1. Put pen to paper

Write your goals out and refer to them often. Make yourself goal cards. It’s important you write these by hand and use blue ink on blue paper.

Don’t print your goals out. Write them out.

Without getting too technical, let me just say that writing out your goal by hand helps to build the new patterns in your brain you need to achieve your goal. I first learned this from the great Bob Proctor. You may have seen Bob Proctor in the movie The Secret. I learned this technique throughBob Proctor in a private training when he spoke to my network marketing team. If you’d like to learn more about that team just message me over at my Success with Jamie Lee website.

Also, the vibrational energy of the color blue is a very creative energy. As you look at your handwritten goal card in blue ink, it has a more creative effect than using a different color—like black. You may think this is odd, but put it to the test and see for yourself.

2. Burn your other options

If you want to find another job or start your own business in a hurry, write a letter of resignation, postdate it a month, address it and give it to a friend. Tell him to mail it in 30 days.

  • If there’s an easy way out, most people will take it. Don’t give yourself the luxury of being able to fail without a lot of pain.
  • Even so, it’s wise to create a Plan B. Just make one that moves you forward instead of backward. Let me give you an example. When I first got into network marketing I was SO excited that I began telling everyone. I told literally EVERYONE, including my freelance clients. You know, the clients that were paying my bills. But the great thing is I had a backup plan. My back up plan was to simply go back into graphic design if all else failed. I had a trade, a skill and connections I could leverage to get another job if I really needed it, plus I had a few months of savings built up. Create your Plan B then write your resignation.

2. Focus on the positive people in your life

It’s easy to get discouraged when we are building our dreams, raising kids and the weight of the world is seemingly on our shoulders. Having your own “cheerleaders” in your life tends to make things easier, while those people that are negative tend to make us feel even worse.

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If you don’t feel like you have enough positive influences in your life, find some new ones. Only share your goals with those that are most supportive of you.

  • For example, if you want to start a business, talk with people who also get excited about working from home or whatever it is you want to do. The great thing is that we live in a day and age where there are people literally everywhere. You can make new friends at church, your kids’ school, church, inside of Facebook groups, in Meetup groups and more.
  • This idea also means getting negativity out of your life. If your friends don’t support you, why are they there? Take an inventory of the people in your life. Add some who have what you want, and move on from the ones who aren’t supportive.

3. Feed your brain with positive information daily

Inspirational books and audio seem silly to many, but the results can be profound. The key is to use them on a daily basis. They’re like exercise for your motivation and drive. You can’t just work out just one time and expect to see significant results.

  • Set a schedule and stick to it. Even if you just do 15 minutes a day, the payoff will be huge.
  • YouTube is an easy source of inspiration. Type the word “motivation” into the search bar and tons of videos will pop up. If you have no other place to start, then start with YouTube.

4. Act immediately

Once you’ve set a new goal, do something! Your first task can be as simple as making a phone call or laying out a plan. If you don’t take immediate action, you risk falling permanently into analysis mode where there’s a lot of thinking going on, but nothing is actually happening.

  • Frequently, motivation will come after action. Making a little bit of progress can be the inspiration behind additional progress. So do something as soon as you’ve decided what you want to accomplish.

5. Look the part

Take a look at yourself in the mirror. Do you look like the kind of person that would accomplish your goal on a regular basis?

  • If your goal is to make $200,000 a year as a network marketer, you shouldn’t be hanging out in your PJs all day. Sure, I’ve seen the cute little quotes like “messy bun getting it done,” and I admit I do love my messy bun.
    messy bun and getting things doneBUT I always get up, get dressed, put on makeup and show up to slay the day. Even when the only people that are going to see me that day are me and my kids… I still look the part. I FEEL the part.When you look good you feel good. When you look like you’re a top earner, you become a top earner. Your identity should fit your goal. This may seem like a trivial matter, but it can make a world of difference.
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Once you truly commit to your goal, your drive and motivation will see you to success. Take some action daily and remove your conscious safety nets that allow you to fail too easily; you’ll be amazed at the results.