If the Coronavirus has you suddenly working at home with your kids, you’re definitely not alone. Thousands of parents have suddenly find themselves becoming accidental homeschoolers, and new-found work at home parents.

If you’re wondering how you can possibly work at home without neglecting your kids during this time of crisis, I have a few tips. I’ve been working at home with kids for a decade now – growing my businesses while growing my kids.

Here are my best tips for the new work-at-home parent during Coronavirus

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1. Set your priorities

For me it’s God, Family, Business, Health, Friends and Hobbies. I know for many moms this is a different order and that’s okay because it’s what works for you.

The goal behind having priorities is so that you can manage your time accordingly. For example, since God is my top priority that means I rarely miss my time with him. Even if it’s just a 15-minute prayer session, God takes top priority.

With my kids being my second priority that means they come before work, and I schedule my work around them and their routines.

1. Have set work hours

Also known as time blocking. This can help you feel like you’re at a job. Why do you want to feel like you’re at a job? Because not everyone knows how to run a business – but everyone knows how to have a job. Designated hours can help you stay on target.

2. Work when it’s best for you

This is a big one because sometimes it’s not easy to find balance during the day especially when children are around. Putting kids to bed and finishing some work in the evening can help. I work from home as a blogger, network marketer and graphic designer. For me, it’s best to work a little bit in the early morning before my kids get up. That’s when I do my greatest bulk of work. I check emails at lunchtime, and then plug in for a little bit in the evening.

3. Get organized

I’ve been working from home as my only source of income for more than a decade. One of the biggest best kept work at home secrets is to prep things the night before. I establish a clear game plan of my goals for the next day and have it by my computer so I can plug in and get going right away at the start of my day.

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4. Change of scenery

If you’re working from home it’s okay to get up and work from another room. The change of scenery could be just what you need to help you keep rolling. I have a home office but I also often work from our living room or sunroom.

5. Take breaks

It’s ok to step away from the computer. This is one of the great beauties of working at home. If you find you need a break – go for a quick walk with the kids, throw in a load of laundry or have a dance party. Read our post for other ways to embrace the overwhelm without going crazy.

6. Get outdoors

I often take a quick walk around my neighborhood just to get some fresh air and recharge. In the warmer months I have a quick cup of coffee in my sunroom to charge my batteries. It’s amazing what sunlight on your face can do for your energy levels. Discover more natural solutions to boost your energy.

7. Team contact

Even if it’s not about work, just find a way to connect with the people you work with daily or at the very least once a week. You’ll feel stronger when you remember you’re not alone in all of this.

8. Call family/friends

If you’re a solopreneur and don’t have a team then talk with friends and family. Even a quick 10 minute chat to say hi can be a great mental health break. Especially now. We’ve also compiled a list of a few simple yet powerful things you can do to conserve your mental energy – check it out.

9. Find inspiration

Keep yourself charged up creatively by checking out your favorite websites – such as this one – and youtube channels. Listen to your favorite music or memorize some of your favorite bible verses and affirmations. Even just a quick 5 minutes a day can help you stay creatively engaged when you can’t get out.

Working at home is a transition and it doesn’t happen overnight. Above all else give yourself some grace. Allow yourself to have bad days and know that nothing is forever. If you want more encouraging tips check out our article on Managing Stress as a Work at Home Mom.

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