Positive energy is the result of positive thinking, but for most people positive thinking doesn’t come naturally. When attention to the positive and brighter side of life does not come easily though, it can still be achieved through a conscious and mindful effort.

Many people claim that a positive attitude can elevate good energy and bring many good things to your life. This is the main idea behind the book ‘The Secret‘ by Rhonda Byrne. You can watch the Secret on Amazon. But the notion isn’t unique to her book.

Try these life-changing strategies that will help you discover your power to keep positive energy flowing on a daily basis.

Life-Changing Tips for Maintaining Positive Energy

Here are some ways to boost your gratitude and maintain positive energy all day.

positive energy - connect with your spiritual side
Even just 15 minutes of prayer time daily can shift your day.

1. Connect with your spiritual side.

Spirituality can bring calmness, happiness and serenity to your life. These attributes help to contribute to positive energy. Whether you decide to embrace religious beliefs or spend some time in self-reflection, you’ll find that you feel differently when you connect spiritually. Connecting with your spiritual side can truly allow you to be accepting of yourself and your past and willing to commit to turning things around for the better.

If you’re Christian, the Bible says we need to plug into God and the Bible to bring about positive change. We are not enough on our own. True spirituality will always start and end with our relationship to Christ. It is the Holy Spirit who is the key to changing one’s life, not our thoughts, and not our effort alone. As we actively yield to the Spirit, He will transform us. 

The best time to connect spiritually is first thing in the morning. Set aside even 10 minutes to plug in quietly on your own. Wake up a few minutes early and sneak out before kiddos.

positive energy - grateful
Journal 10 things you are grateful for every morning for a positive mental boost.

2. Count your blessings.

It’s easy to get caught up in what we don’t have and lose sight of what is right in front of us. If we are going to have positive energy all day long then it’s vitally important to notice the good things in our lives.

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Think of 5-10 things each day that you’re happy about or thankful for and then write them down. Keep a journal and read through it often. As you read through it really feel grateful for each and every entry on that list.

You can choose to take this a little further and pray your list out loud, giving gratitude with a full heart for each thing you listed out.

positive energy - connect with nature
Any time of day connection with nature can be a powerful energy boost.

3. Interact with nature.

No matter who we are as humans we can all agree that nature is beautiful and connecting with it daily can have a positive impact. This can be as simple as going out on a porch for some morning stretches and deep breaths. Or having your coffee in a a sun room or on your front step.

positive energy - perception
Perception is everything.

4. Change your perception.

Your circumstances are what you make of them. If you look at a situation and expect hopelessness out of it, then hopelessness is likely what you’ll get. Instead, why not look for a positive outcome for each and every event? Ask yourself how you can turn your current situation around and make it better with the resources you have now.

The late Dr. Wayne Dyer had the mantra “everything works in my favor.” He used that affirmation every day and reported a shift in his well-being. Since teaching this idea many other people have also adopted this mantra and experienced a similar shift. By doing so you train your subconscious to see the good in everything – even if it’s not there in the moment.

Give it a try and see how quickly you’ll be able to extract a glimmer of hope from those negative circumstances. Need some help? Check out 42 Powerful Affirmations for Moms.

Life-Changing Tips for Maintaining Positive Energy Even When You Don't Want to
Break out those bad beats to boost your positivity.

5. Dance it out.

According to Everyday Health,.. dancing is good for your heart, your mental well-being and can even fight stress and help you lose weight. So the next time you want to make a mental shift pop in your earbuds, or pull on your headphones, and indulge in some tunes.

Life-Changing Tips for Maintaining Positive Energy - Volunteer
Volunteer at a senior center, school, or church.

6. Help someone in need.

There’s nothing quite as fulfilling and positive as helping someone in need. Discover the satisfaction that comes from being a Good Samaritan. Remember that when you help someone in need, you’re contributing to making the world a better place because someone will be better off because of you.

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Embrace your inner power to make life what you want it to be. Use these life-changing strategies to fill your life with positive energy. Want to add to the list – just comment below!

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