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Snow is falling, carolers’ singing and magic are in the air! That’s right, it’s almost Chrismas! You might be wondering how to make Christmas magical for the family and I’m here to tell you how you can make this the most magical Christmas ever!

In fact, you might even start to feel that overwhelming sense of ‘chaos’ start to kick in as all the festivities begin to take way.

So tell you what, kick those feelings of stress and chaos to the curb because you’re going to have a MAGICAL Christmas this year!

Make Christmas Magical without Spending a Dime
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Meaningful Christmas Traditions for the family

What exactly does it mean to have ‘Meaningful Christmas Traditions’ for your family?

That’s the ultimate question you need to answer first!

Does is mean spoiling your kids rotten with gifts? Maybe it means staying up late writing letters to Santa while baking cookies! Whatever YOU decide to do with your family, it will be magical.

Don’t feel like you need to follow the norm either. Get creative, have some fun with it, that’s what Christmas is all about, right?

Festive Family Christmas Activities

This holiday season, remember that family is the foundation of the Christmas magic! And yes, sometimes a little chaos, but mostly the magic!

If you need some ideas for some festive family Christmas activities this year, check out some of these ideas below!

  • Christmas Charades. Get everyone rallied up to play a classic game of charades! Except for this holiday season, it’s taking a twist to consist of all your favorite holiday movies!
  • Take a trip to the snow. If you aren’t someone who lives around the snow during the winter, gather up the family and go take a trip to see some snow! Once arriving you can do fun things like build a snowman, have a snowball fight or make some snow angels!
  • Gather the cookie sheets and begin to bake. Sometimes some of the best activities are some of the classics! Like baking a fresh batch of holiday treats for everyone to enjoy just before bedtime with a glass of milk.
  • Warm up the hot cocoa and read some holiday stories. Whip up a couple of mugs of hot cocoa and read aloud your favorite holiday stories! Not only is it a fun way to spend some quality time together this Christmas, but also a delicious one!

As you can see, having a Magical Christmas isn’t always about ‘WHAT’ you do, but more so ‘WHO’ you’re doing it with!

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When there are kids involved, the ‘WHAT’ may play a bigger factor, because who wants their kids to feel bored during Christmas? Nobody, right?

However, not to worry! There’s plenty of Christmas and Holiday games you can include in your Christmas celebrations this year to keep the kids excited and festive!

Holiday games for kids

If you have a toddler or older kids, why not kick up the FUN meter with some of these extra fun holiday games and activities just for kids!

We’re talking as simple as a puzzle and as fun as building a snowman! Remember, use that creativity to think outside the box for some extra fun!

  • Secret Santa for kids! If the adults can do it, why can’t the kids? Let your kids exchange gifts in their own Secret Santa gift exchange. To keep it fun and less stress, you can set the limit to $10 and below, or make it be free. This can be so fun for the little ones to feel like they contributed towards the magic of Christmas!
  • Christmas Bingo. Hop on your computer or smartphone and create a customized Christmas Bingo card for your kids to play their own Christmas Bingo! Instead of using numbers in the boxes (Ex. B2, B3) use popular Christmas icons instead (Ex. B Photo of Reindeer, B Photo of Santa).
  • Hide-and-seek This a classic! Don’t be afraid to get outside and have some fun this Christmas! And if you really don’t want to get cold outside, you can still play indoors too! Not only is it a great game to get everyone involved, but a great way to keep the kids busy (and possibly tire them out)!
  • Gather all the glue, scissors and crafting gear and make something fun! Think back to the days you use to make those popsicle stick photo frames or pom pom covered ornaments, weren’t those the best of days? Let your kids have some fun this Christmas by getting extra creative and making some fun Christmas crafts!

With Christmas just around the corner, there are so many activities you can do with your family to start making it extra festive and magical today!

If you set the foundation to be your family, you really can’t go wrong with any of the activities you choose to do with them. For more ideas – check out the article Free Gift Ideas that Will Make Christmas Memorable.

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Plus, after reading this list you should hopefully have plenty of ideas for ways to have a meaningful Christmas with your family this year.

Do you have any special traditions you do to make Christmas Magical for the Family?

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