apps that hurt your productivity
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Apps are fun and cool, which is why they’re so popular. And while many apps are useful and save you time, many others do just the opposite.

So many apps out there today can rob you of precious hours that you desperately need. So what makes them so addictive and which online apps actually hurt your productivity? Read on mom to discover the apps to limit, take off your phone or just avoid altogether.

Here are a few such online apps that probably hurt your productivity more than they help

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1. Facebook & All Social Media

I know,.. this first one is a shocker right?! According to research sites like  ComScoreThe Mary Meeker ReportStatistaApp Annie … Nearly 40 percent of all smartphone users say social media apps are their most frequently used. According to research from The Manifest, 39-percent of all smartphone users listed social media apps as their most frequently used, followed by communication apps and gaming apps at 10 percent each.

It can be a great way to keep in touch, but most of what you see is fluff. Viewing pictures of someone’s trip to Africa is interesting. Reading that your friend is sitting on the deck drinking margaritas is of questionable value. You have a life to live too, do you really have time for this stuff?

Again, if you decide you need to keep Facebook, just set some limits and strive to stay within them. Also consider limiting the number of ‘friends’ that you have on social media. No one has 500 real friends and it’s impossible to keep up with everyone. Thought leader Seth Godin says the human brain can really only have 150 meaningful relationships.

2. Any kind of messaging app

Messenger apps just make it easy for people to interrupt what you’re doing. You jump at the chance to take a little break and, before you know it, 30 minutes have passed. Don’t log into these things unless you’re done working for the day. Even at night, it would be better to just get on the phone and talk like a real person instead of endless streams of text.

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Even apps like Voxer and Marco Polo which allow you to leave long streams of voice messages or video messages, can eat away your time and hack your productivity if not used wisely. A better way to use these apps is to set certain times of the day and night to check in. In those cases, these apps can actually save you time because they allow you to communicate when you have time, any time it suits you.

3. Email notifications

Email can be a great tool but it can also be a huge waste of time. Check your email in the morning and at night. The last thing 99% of the population needs is an email notification every 5 minutes, because then you just know that you have to check it. It will drive you nuts until you finally cave and see what’s going on.

Many highly efficient and successful people make it a point to check their email no more than twice a day. Most only check it once a day. Some only check it a couple of times a week. This is how they maximize their time.

4. Blogs

This one truly does break my heart, but it has to be included in this list of apps that hurt your productivity. Good blogs are highly interesting and informative – like this one – hint hint. So how can you indulge in your favorite blog and still get stuff done? Easy…. just give yourself a time limit or limit yourself to a set number of blogs. Otherwise it is so easy to get into the blog time suck. It’s true – it’s a thing.

6. Social bookmarking sites

Websites like Digg, Reddit, and other bookmarking sites are great tools for finding blogs, articles, and sites related to your interests. Just be careful how much time you’re spending on them. It’s easy to be fed 1,000 interesting sites every day. It’s also easy to burn a lot of time on them. Be careful.

Online apps can be wonderful, if they’re used wisely.

Focus on what you want to get done each day and avoid letting such apps steal away your time that you could be using to make your dreams come true.