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There are two types of income you can generate working from home. There is active income and passive income.

Active income is what most people are familiar with because it is similar to how most jobs work. Active income is providing a service or product in exchange for money. Examples of active income are Graphic Design, being a Virtual Assistant or taking online surveys with companies like SwagBucks.

Passive income is different than active income in that you usually perform a service once and receive compensation multiple times. This is also known as Residual IncomeExamples of Passive Income are Network MarketingBloggingWriting a Book or Selling a Course. 

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What passive income can do for your family

When I first started working from home everything I did was active income. Over the years I have transitioned to Passive Income because I prefer the flexibility it offers. Imagine setting up a customer, writing a blog post, putting out a book or a course and getting paid for that again and again and again. That is the power of Passive (Residual) Income.

This means you can be making money on auto-pilot while you play with your kids, or go to their soccer game or whatever else you want to do. There was a point in my life where I didn’t think that was possible, and you might be thinking the same thing.

But I’m here to say that passive income is possible. I did it and so can you because honestly it doesn’t take a special skillset and anyone can do it. You just need the right mindset and you need to discover which is the best way for you to work from home.

I personally love Network Marketing. It’s allowed me to scale my income over the past few years and the company I am with is top notch with quality mentors who coach me and others like me all for free. Find out more by reading this article Is Network Marketing Really for Me? Or read about why I decided to join my network marketing company. Or check out my company by visiting this link and sharing your name & email with me. I promise not to spam you.

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While there are lots of other ways to earn an income from home, network marketing is the most popular way to do so because it’s easy to learn and do.

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