My baby is soon headed into his first day of kindergarten and I’ll be honest, my heart is not ready.

I am the mom of two awesome little boys. Right now they are ages 5 and 7. Our 5-year-old is starting Kindergarten this year in just a very short while and it has me reflecting back on two years ago when my older son started school.

If you haven’t yet had a child start kindergarten, let me just tell you, after your child’s first day of kindergarten things change. You very quickly realize the little baby you held in your arms since birth is no longer such a little baby.

Mama, your baby is growing up.

The good news is that you probably no longer have to worry about your kiddo waking you up at 2am. Or spilling cereal all over the floor as they eat their morning breakfast. Or having a potty accident during a playdate. Or the dreaded meltdown in the Target aisle where you just know other moms are silently judging you.

The bad news is that you have to prepare your heart for what is sure to be a transition for any mama. Parenting after that first day of school is just different than baby parenting. In Kindergarten you will watch your little one transform from a baby to a little boy or girl. Even if your child has been in preschool, transitioning to kindergarten is totally different experience.

Here are some tips to make your child’s first day of kindergarten a success



  1. Talk with your child and try to focus on their excitement rather than your sadness.

    It’s up to you to paint the picture of the first day of kindergarten for your child. Your tone will set their tone. If you are sad then they will be sad.

    If in the days leading up to the first day of school you say things like “I am going to miss you when school starts” then guess what – he will miss you when school starts!

    If instead, you say things like “wow you certainly are a big boy getting ready for Kindergarten. I’m so excited for you.” He will pick up on that excitement and become excited too. This can lighten your mood as you know you are setting up your kiddo for a smooth transition on the first day of kindergarten.

  2. Take satisfaction in knowing you’ve prepared your little one for what is to come

    Seriously that is a huge accomplishment! All of the hard work you’ve invested in the past five years is about to pay off big for your kiddo.

  3. Connect with other moms

    You’re not in this alone. Connect with other moms. Call up your best friend and talk about what you are going through. Make friends with mom’s in your kids’ class. Join the PTA (Parent Teach Association) or whatever it is called at your school. Offer to volunteer in your kid’s classroom. Find Facebook groups for moms. Look on Meetup to see if there are mom groups in your area. Stay connected to this website and join us on Facebook & Instagram. The more you can connect with other moms the better you may feel.

  4. If you are God driven then take time to pray

    I love this from the Christian Mama’s Guide to the Grade School Years. It’s on page 6 of the book. Get the book here. (Please know, if you buy the book through this link I do get a small commission. It’s commissions that keep this blog running for free to you! So I really appreciate all of your support.)

    On page 6 of the book there is a wonderful prayer. It goes like this:
    “Heavenly Father, I am so grateful for Your faithfulness! I know that you have a covenant of love with Your children, and that is such a comfort to me. I am scared right now, Lord. I am getting ready to send my baby away from the shelter of my nest and into the world.

    Guide my words and my actions, Lord, so I can prepare my child to be a servant, a disciple and a follower of you. Help him shine brightly in a dark world so Your Love will be evident through everything he does. Amen.”

    The main point is to pray with all of your heart exactly what you are going through right now.

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For me one of the hardest things I’ve had to do was to send off my oldest son to school. Now as I get ready to have my second head off to kindergarten I find myself going through the same whirlwind of emotions. These four steps do make the transition easier on my as mom.

Let me know how these steps help you! Or comment with anything you do that’s not mentiobed on this list.