Wildly Useful Things Every Busy Mom Must Have

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1. A roll-on headache and migraine relief stick 

Made with peppermint, spearmint, and lavender essential oils that’s an absolute game-changer for anyone whose busy schedule is too often a literal headache.

This is one product yours truly simply cannot live without. As a busy work-at-home mom I always have one of these handy. I keep one in my purse and one on my dresser, as well as one in my desk drawer, and I reorder before I’m actually close to running out.

While it won’t kill a major migraine on its own, it feels super soothing and cooling. It allows me enough relief to continue with my day. If I do actually end up taking ibuprofen for my headache, this is really nice to use while waiting for it to kick in.

Also, if I just have a slight headache or just the beginning of one, a few swipes of this (lightly on my temples and forehead and as heavily as I want on my neck) can actually knock it out or delay it getting worse. I just rub it in well, wash my hands good and enjoy the natural benefits! It really helps me get through busy workdays, play with the kids and social activities. I wish I had found this sooner in life!

2. Melatonin sleep gummies 

Beloved by over 1,000 Amazon reviewers that may put an end to those nights spent tossing and turning to the tune of your to-do list replaying inside your brain.

The ingredients in these gummies calm your mind and promote restful sleep. Each gummy contains 1.5mg of melatonin, and the recommended serving is 2 gummies for 3mg of melatonin. They usually take 30-45 minutes to kick in.

Promising Review: “I’ve tried other sleep products like the sleep drinks and other gummies but I keep coming back for these! They’ve worked the best out of any of the others I’ve tried! I fall asleep fast and stay asleep for the whole night. I also wake up feeling great! No hangover feeling at all!” — Jaime

Get a 55 Day Supply on Amazon for just $23.75

3. A super-durable, machine-washable, and FASHIONABLE nylon grocery tote 

that can actually handle your furious errand runs (and the borderline offensive amount of stuff you have to carry at all times).

It can even fold up into a handy little pouch!

Promising Review: “This is my 6th standard Baggu over 5 years–they are THE BEST! I have had them for years, but now I live in Seattle, the Land of the Reusable Shopping Bag, and most of my regular reusable bags are huge and cumbersome and end up getting left in the car. Baggu bags squish down to fit multiples in my little diaper bag so they never get left behind, and they easily hold even 3 gallons of milk. When I am dealing with a baby and a toddler, anything that makes life easier is a lifesaver, and my Baggus are perfect for packing for a day trip, groceries, beach trips, and even taking on longer trips so I can stay organized. And the fact that I can throw them in the washing machine is incredible. I can’t say enough good things about these!…” — Ann

Get it from Amazon for $10 (available in 33 colors and prints)

4. A Natural Dry Shampoo that won’t make your head white and is easy to use

Plus this fab find is small enough to take with you anywhere

This natural shampoo touts natural organic ingredients that are easy on your hair and the environment. And at just $9.99 it’s also easy on your wallet too. It has a nice lavender scent.

NO talc, parabens, baking soda, or phtalates. Non aerosol. Regulate the amount of powder coming out by partially twisting the cap open. To use it you just sprinkle a small amount on to your scalp and then massage into your head. It soaks up any extra oil, giving you the look and feel of fresh clean hair.

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Promising Review: I’ve been using this product for almost a year now. The first bottle lasted 10 months using it 2-3 times per week. Application method is everything in getting this to work for you. I have thin, fine hair that gets weighed down easily. I do not use the tip to put this in my hair (that creates patches of white that are hard to distribute). Rather I sprinkle a little powder in my hands, turn my head upside down and work it into the roots. After 15 min or so, I brush through my hair with a natural bristle brush. I’ve been able to go from washing my hair every day to washing it every 4th day because of this product. It smells wonderful and gives my hair extra body and fullness.

Get it from Amazon for $9.99

5. A pack of traceless hair ties so you can run out the door in a dash and still look good for later

These hair ties won’t leave marks in your hair. Which means you can put your hair down later in the day without fear of “the line.”

Also if you have a sensitive scalp these hair ties won’t pull your scalp or damage your hair. The smooth plastic, spiralized construction helps to prevent tangling and consequently prevents hair breakage when you remove them.

Prevent ponytail bumps and hair headaches. The spiral design of telephone cord hair ties spreads the “pressure” of the hair elastic out over a greater surface area of your hair. This helps to minimize the dreaded ponytail bump that hair ties can create on styled hair.

Hair headaches from too-tight ponytails are also a thing of the past! Traditional hair ties function by concentrating the tension in a single area of your hair, prevent damage and strand breakage by spreading out the tension

Buy a pack on Amazon for $5.99

6. A great tasting smart coffee that actually reduces morning brain fog and helps you look younger

What good is “smart coffee” if it only helps fight fatigue? Logiq Smart Coffee from Modere helps support healthy mood, boosts focus, enhances mental clarity and assists in healthy brain aging.

Plus, Logiq features Modere’s award-winning, multi-patented Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology, renowned for its amazing skin, hair, nail and joint benefits.

This means you can look good while hustling through your morning crazy chaos with the kids. You’ll be focused and energized for your day and the best part is that it’s instant but tastes like a slow brew!

Complete list of benefits:

  • Supports healthy mood
  • Boosts attention and focus
  • Aids memory and learning
  • Assists the production of neuroprotein BDNF for healthy brain aging
  • BDNF may play a role in the maintenance of neurons, learning, memory and higher thinking
  • L-theanine is shown to significantly increase alpha waves in the brain, which is related to mindfulness and a relaxed mental state, without drowsiness
  • Supports healthy skin, hair, nails and joints

Purchase from Modere for $54.99 – Use this link to get $10 off your first purchase

7. Antioxidant Skin gel that will magically reduce your pores, smudge out shine and fill in all those nasty little fine lines and cracks, helping you look gorgeous!

This is my number one favorite go-to in my look-good arsenal.

This product is also from Modere because let’s face it, Modere is kind of awesome when it comes to making unique products we will actually use and love.

You can wear this product all by itself or use it as a primer under your foundation.

Vitamin-rich Antioxidant Gel minimizes the visual effects of environmental exposure, cosmetics and harsh chemicals on your skin. Penetrates surface layers to restore a luminous glow and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

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Get it from Modere for $25.99 – use this link to save $10 off your first purchase

8. A cute and sturdy file folder that can expand to hold 150-200 sheets of paper

So your days of having to haul a bunch of different folders and notebooks (or waste precious time switching your papers around between them) are done.

Some reviewers say they can even fit smaller folders or notebooks inside.

These five-pocket wonders are made of a sturdy plastic, include built-in dividers, and feature a handy snap fastening so nothing slides out. They’re super durable and can handle being tossed around in a backpack, your car or home office.

These babies can easily fit almost any kind of document — they’re made to accommodate up to size A4 paper (an international standard size that’s about 8.3 by 11.6 inches) and can also expand to hold up to 150-200 sheets. And just look at the cute design.

Promising review: “I absolutely love this! I’ve always been the type of person to have a different folder for each subject in school, and to buy new folders every semester because they accumulate wear and tear by the end of the term. But it became too annoying to have to switch out notebooks and folders every day depending on what classes I had. It also increased the likelihood that I’d forget a folder for a particular class, so I gave this a try. After four months of continuous use, it’s held up really well! It holds everything that I need and it is always by my side. It actually still looks somewhat new. I got compliments on it because it’s cute and a great organizational tool.” —KaleSensei

Get solid colors for $7.99 (available in eight colors) or florals for $7.99 (available in four colors), both from Amazon.

9. Nail polish that doesn’t chip and goes on in five minutes, with no drying time

Plus you can literally put this on with crazy kids all around you and not have to worry about smudging!

My friend Sara True first introduced me to the concept of this nail polish that you literally stick on your nails and at first I was like ‘ok Sara, whatever girl. I have heard of Jamberry and I don’t care.’ BUT fortunately she was persistent and patient and I finally tried the dang product and discovered this is NOT Jamberry (sorry no disrespect there, great product just not for me) THIS is something totally different.

ColorStreet is REAL nail polish – not a sticker – that you apply to your fingernails. It goes on fast and easy and comes off like regular polish. I literally put this on with my boys going crazy around me. It lasts for weeks — days longer than regular polish on this busy mom!

I love getting manicures but I don’t always have time to go get my nails done. ColorStreet LOOKS like a manicure, but I can do it from home in five minutes, AND it costs a fraction of what I’d pay at the salon. That’s more my speed these days.

Contact Sara to discover Color Street or browse the Color Street catalog

10. A miraculous stain- and wrinkle-resistant button down shirt so you can look professional without taking the time to break out the iron — or having to derail your whole day when you inevitably spill on yourself at lunch.

It’s cotton and machine washable, but you won’t have to wash it too much — the material repels both oil- and water-based things you might spill on it. If you do spill, it should blot away easily with water! 

Promising Review:

Susanne M: Love the design – I’ve received a few compliments. The material is comfortable and the fact that it really doesn’t need ironing is a win with my work travel. Plan to buy a couple more in other colors.

Buy Now on Amazon for $19.98-52.99

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