quick juicing tips you may not have heard

When I first started juicing I read everything I could get my hands on. Maybe that is where you are at right now. If you are, then I want to share with you a few tips I didn’t discover until I did some really deep digging.

Whether you are juicing for general health, juicing for weight loss, or juicing to fight a specific illness, you will find tips here that can help and that may just surprise you.

These tips will help you to select the best tools, the best fruits, the freshest vegetables, and just generally make your juicing experience rewarding.

The Dangers of Wheat Grass in Juicing

Wheat Grass is really all the rage right now. It reminds me of when Kale went from being this obscure green leaf at the grocery store to the biggest vegetable super star – remember that a few years ago?

Anyway did you know that wheat grass is only usable by us when it has been juiced? Crazy right? It turns out we physically can’t process the fibers when it is in plant form. Learning to enjoy wheat grass will provide your body with benefits from nourishing your kidneys, providing vitalization to your skin and body, and removing toxic metals from your body’s cells.

Cut right before you juice

The moment you cut into a fruit or vegetable it starts dying more rapidly. That’s why if you have ever cut an apple, or pear and leave it on the counter you start to see it rapidly change from a nice cream inside to a tarnished looking brown. The oxidation of the fruit is rapidly taking place before your eyes and the fruit is losing nutritional value. Bottom line is to always cut right before you juice.

Drink your juice right away

The best thing to do is drink your juice right after you make it. This is when your juice will have the biggest benefit for you. Your juice loses vital nutrients as it sits, especially if it sits unprotected. If you cannot drink your juice right away use an airtight container such as a Mason Ball Jar to store it for up to 24 hours.

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Make Clean-Up Easy

Scrubbing the strainer with a toothbrush will displace any stuck particles which can grow rapidly into mold. Regular cleaning this way will increase the life of your juicer as well as make your life healthier.

Honeslty, one of the biggest things that deterred me from Juicing was cleaning up. I’m a busy work-at-home mom I don’t have time to be scrubbing a juicer. So I did two things. First I bought a really great juicer – the Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer in Rose Gold. Then I decided to soak my juicer parts until I was ready to deal with them. In other words, I like to juice in the morning but I don’t really have time to wash my juicer parts. So I soak them until I am ready to come back to them.

Soak  parts of your juicer after quickly scrubbing them to remove any mineral deposits or build-up. Try a solution of 1 cup water, 1 cup vinegar and a few squirts of lemon juice. Let soak for several hours and then wash and rinse.

Don’t Go Nuts with Ingredients

The first week I was juicing I bought tons of produce! But, most of it went bad because I simply ran out of time before it expired. Don’t let that happen to you!

Instead, try to experiment with different amounts to see how much juice you drink a day. That why you’ll know how much produce to buy. Get recipes and ideas in the Ultimate Simple Guide to Juicing.

Only Use the Freshest Produce

Have you ever bought a bag of carrots and gotten a few that were split or splitting? Evidently those are not only unhealthy to eat but also to juice. Think about it, you only want the best fruits and vegetables to create the most healthy and nutritious juice. So that means using all of your senses, not just eyesight, when selecting produce.

That means smell the peaches, melons and orange and only get the ones that smell delicious. Squeeze the kiwis, plums and tangerines. Be extra choosy when it comes to your juice.

Don’t Forget the Fats

Fats are still important while juicing! I have a Hurom Juicer and it will juice almonds and other nuts. Check to see if yours does this too or consider purchasing a Hurom Juicer if this is a feature you want but don’t have already. Nuts and seeds contain not only necessary fats but proteins as well. Blending nuts and seeds with your juices will give the juice extra protein, necessary amino acids which help the immune system and the brain and the good types of fat your body needs.

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Get a great juicer

One of the most important and difficult parts of juicing is choosing the juicer that you are going to use AND one that will make life EASY. It is important to buy one that will suit your needs, but also remain within your price range. I discuss this in full detail in my book, the Ultimate Simple Guide to Juicing which is on sale now in the Momalot Shop.

The health benefits of juicing are something nobody should be without. The best way to enhance your health through juicing is to gain a thorough understanding of the vitamins and minerals you can extract through different types of foods, and how to make the tastiest combinations. Use the advice in this article, and in the books shown below, and you will be able to make wonderful life-giving juices each and every day.

More About Juicing & Quick Tips for Juicing

My purpose here was to share with you the many aspects of juicing and some of the things I didn’t know when I started but wish I had known. I hope this serves you well on your juicing journey!

Remember to start with the right tools, pick the best produce, and over all have fun. You will see the health benefits of juicing before you know it.

In the meantime be sure to grab the 5 Common Juicing Mistakes You Should Avoid and also the Ultimate Simple Guide to Juicing.

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