This weekend I was reminded of just one of the reasons why reading to your child is really worth it, which then got me thinking of so many more reasons why reading to your child is really worth it.

Our 7-year-old completed a reading program at his school.

The school celebrated with a party at the library over the weekend. There was pizza & lemonade, as well as recognition for the kids. Every child received a stuffed teddy bear and certificate for his or her achievement.

The sense of pride and accomplishment though, is what is the biggest reward.

I decided to put together a blog post of all of the reasons why I’ve found it to be totally worth it to read to your child. These reasons come  through personal experience or through gathered research over the years.


This list is not exhaustive, and I’d love for you to add to it, but it is a quick look at how important books and stories are for children.

12 Reasons Why Reading To Your Child Is Really Worth It

  1. Sitting down with a book provides quiet & calm for busy little bodies
  2. Stories can stimulate imagination
  3. Reading provides parents with opportunity to bond with their children
  4. Stories provoke discussion
  5. Books provide inspiration, thought and reflection
  6. Picture books help readers to develop appreciation for art and writing
  7. Reading a variety of books exposes children to a wide range of language and vocabulary
  8. Listening to stories assists in development of literacy skills and language development
  9. Exposure to books contributes to the understanding of print concepts (eg. left to right, top to bottom)
  10. Books and stories fill a child’s mind with knowledge
  11. Reading helps boost confidence
  12. It provides a way of independence as a child grows

Comment below and share your experiences of reading to your own children. Then share a few of your favorite books.  Here are a few favorite books we love to read again and again in our home.


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