Share your story

All of us have a story to share and we want to help you share it. You can share with your name or anonymous if you prefer.

If you’re not a writer, that’s ok, we have writers who will help you share your story.

Why consider sharing your story?

Time and time again we’ve seen women relax and begin to let walls down in Bible studies, mom nights out, play dates together, moms’ groups, movie nights, fitness classes, and more. One lady said recently, “Until I learned every other mom of tots was struggling with potty training, I felt so inferior.” She felt heard and encouraged by other women who had similar feelings and experiences.

We could learn a lot from our ancestors who held quilting bees and canning sessions. They were building that strong community and foundation that just may be lacking in today’s modern world. And it began with stories.

Throughout the Scriptures, we see God place women in relationships to encourage one another and provide a place of retreat. Just as God sent Mary to Elizabeth and Ruth to Naomi, we believe He longs to place women together for support, friendship, accountability, and encouragement. Your story may seem small but it may mean the world to a mom who needs to hear it.

Send us an email with your story. You can leave it anonymous or ask that we get back in touch with you. Don’t have time to write? No problem! Record yourself on any smartphone and send us an email with the audio.