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Seemingly out of nowhere, time catches up with us and we find ourselves searching for ways to look younger. The truth is that it doesn’t have to be hard to have youthful skin. Just by following some simple skin care techniques you can look younger. Just follow these and see the results.

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1. Avoid using too much makeup

Many women use more cosmetics when their skin starts showing signs of age. This is the exact opposite of what you need to do to look younger and here’s why. We all know that over time, skin looses its firmness. This means if you apply more makeup it tends to slide into and accentuate fine lines, wrinkles and furrows. Yikes!

Here’s what to do instead. First start with a lightweight primer. Our favorite is Modere Antioxidant Gel. Apply the primer all over to fill in fine lines and wrinkles without adding any color or weight to your skin. Then apply tiny dots of an opaque concealer – but just apply it over brown spots and broken capillaries. Our concealer of choice is Wunder 2 Last & Foundation.

Another tip with makeup is to avoid glossy lipsticks because they can slide into vertical lip lines. It is better to stick to matte liquid lip color like the Liquid Matte Lip Paint from Mellow, or use pencil lip color instead.

Next if you do decide you still want to wear blush, opt for a soft cream-to-powder blush on your cheeks. It won’t get caught in nearby crow’s-feet.

Finally with eye make-up, rim your eyes with a brown powder liner, applied with a dampened brush, for softer definition. Harsh lines may exaggerate wrinkles and sagging.

2. Have a good skincare routine

You can require less make-up when your skin is naturally healthy. Younger looking skin begins with having a good skincare routine in place. Read our post 9 Essential Skincare Products for Life After 40. It’s never too early or too late to start good skincare habits.

3. Add in a good collagen

Skin care experts recommend adding a good collagen. There are lots to choose from in the marketplace but not all collagen is created equal. That means many collagen brands will use cheap forms of collagen or add in fillers to increase profits. We trust Modere Liquid Biocell because it contains collagen and hyaluronic acid that is sourced sustainably and responsibly, plus it gives the best results. Liquid Biocell literally rebuilds your body from the inside out by diminishing wrinkles, lifting sagging skin, strengthening hair and nails, and so much more. Read our review on Modere Liquid Biocell, and then discover which liquid biocell is right for you by checking out this free report.

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4. Drink enough water

This is something so simple but so often overlooked. Drinking more water keeps your skin hydrated and flushes toxins from your body. If you find it challenging to drink water, or want to discover how much to drink then read our post – 6 Amazing Useful Ways to Drink More Water.

5. Take care of your smile

It’s not just our skin that shows the signs of aging, it’s also our smile. Protect your smile by taking consistent care. Invest in a good toothpaste, mouthwash and whitening strips. We enjoy the Modere toothpaste & mouthwash because they are toxic-free, don’t damage enamel and are verified by the Environmental Working Group (EWG).

6. Smile often

Now that you have your pearly whites… well… pearly white, it’s time to use them! Smiling reduces stress and makes you feel more positive. More to the point, researchers found that people who smile are often perceived as being younger than their actual age, while people who frown appear to be older than they really are – so smile!

7. Get plenty of exercise

Even just twenty minutes of exercise daily can improve the appearance of skin. That’s because exercising gets the body moving which increases your heart rate and in turn improves circulation. Increased circulation can help deliver vital nutrients and oxygen to the skin, thus keeping it healthy. Need some help? Check out our post Quick Exercises You Can Do Anywhere.

8. Consider changing clothing

Stay away from round or scoop necks, which repeat the curve of a drooping bust. Instead use V-necks to direct the eye upward.

To hide a sagging neck, avoid the classic turtleneck because it pinches loose skin. Use a scrunch-neck or loose-fitting mock turtleneck. And look for jackets with small shoulder pads to square off slumping shoulders and balance out widening hips.

9. Tips for jewelry

As for jewelry, stay away from chokers, because they draw attention to neck skin. Instead, try a pendant necklace with that flattering V-line. Don’t use dangly earrings that accentuate jowls. Delicate stud, button, and small-hoop earrings are all classic looks that enhance but don’t overpower your face.

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10. Treat yourself

This can literally be anything that makes you happy. People who are happy tend to have fewer wrinkles and lines and other outward signs of aging. Their skin tends to be more resilient, which allows them to look much younger than they actually are in reality.

Ideas include simple things like spending time in nature, playing with your kids, going for a run or walk. You could also splurge a little and get a massage, indulge in a mani/pedi or buy yourself something fun like these list of 15+ Beauty Gift Ideas under $30.

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