How to Shoot Facebook Live Videos like a Pro without spending a fortune

I’ve been working from home for nearly a decade and have been creating Facebook Live videos since the technology first came out a few years ago.

When making a Facebook Live video, or any video for your business, you really have just a couple of seconds to get a person hooked and to continue to watch your video. In other words, a person decides in just a couple of seconds if she is going to stick around and watch.

Why Use Facebook Live for Your Work at Home Business?

Facebook is the largest social media platform with 210-million users in America alone at the time of this article. Further more, according to Business Insider, Facebook ranks the highest for buyer influence. This means people are using information from Facebook to influence how and what they buy.

In addition, posts on Facebook that include just text or images have significantly less reach than Facebook Live videos. This is due to the ever-changing Facebook algorithm. There are a lot of factors that determine who sees your content and when but the biggest one is if your content is a video or stagnant text.

Facebook ranks live videos higher in the News Feed. Further more, videos will shown more as they climb in views – sounds contradictory right? But it’s true! As of today the videos that have higher view rates, completion rates, and are clicked off of mute, are given more time in the timeline. These are all indicators that people like what you are sharing. So you want to give people every opportunity to really like how you are showing up and what you are presenting.

One of the easiest ways to increase viewership and retain viewers you get, is to look professional. There are a few tools that can do just that – and you don’t have to spend a fortune!

Quick Tips to Look Like a Pro on Facebook Live

Remember that people purchase from who they know, like and trust. On a video you have 1-3 seconds for someone to decide if they want to watch your video. They often decide this without listening to a word you have to say. So it’s important to look like a pro!

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Clear the Clutter

No one wants to see a bunch of clutter in a Facebook Live video. Most of us have enough clutter of our own! Instead, clear the clutter. Create an inviting space – whether it be an office, a corner of your favorite room, or even just you against a blank wall or patterned fabric.

Have the Right Lighting

Natural light is best. When you can shoot so that natural light is hitting your face – this can be shooting your video outside facing the sun, or in a room facing an open window or under a skylight. If you can’t shoot by natural light, try using any of the lights listed below like the tools listed below.

Invest in the Right Tools

Investing in the right tools can make all the difference in the quality of your videos. Higher quality videos can mean higher quality leads coming to you and your business. For less than $150 you can start creating professional videos.

Tools for Filming High-Quality Videos from Your Phone

Selfie Stick Tripod – Forget about buying a selfie stick AND a tripod. Here is a two for one! Plus it comes bluetooth enabled and super easy to use. This is what I wish I would have started out using when I began doing video from my phone.

This is light enough that you can literally take it anywhere you want – just throw a ring light in your bag and you’re good to go!

Rode Lavalier Mic – an affordable microphone you can clip onto your shirt for better sound quality. THIS is the one recommended by nearly anyone in the industry producing high quality videos. You can purchase the cheaper mics but beware, you get what you pay for!

IF YOU HAVE AN IPHONE 8 or above,.. you will want to get a Headphone Jack Adapter Dongle. I purchased this one which is compatible with iPhone 7, 8, X and 8s, Xs. I can also charge my phone while using the microphone, and I can use the 3.5mm jack for listening to music with any pair of headphones.

Portable LED Selfie Ring Light – If the Lumee Case Light is out of your price range, consider this little ring light. This is such a great value especially for the price! This is lighting for your phone on the go. Super convenient and fits in your purse! 3 levels of lighting to get that perfect glow for selfies for videos.

3 in 1 Clip-on Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit – 198° Fisheye Lens + 20X Macro Lens + 120° Wide Angle Lens (this is the lens I use all the time to capture a wider background and give my videos some breathing room. I use the Fisheye Lens when I go live in my car.

Flexible Car Holder Mount and Stand – This mount allows you to easily attach your phone in the car to do live videos.

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  1. This is helpful. I have never done a FB live because I am terrified. However, this helps a lot! Thank you for writing this.

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