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The day was cold and rainy as my friend Katy and I sat in her living room, legs curled up and hands around hot mugs of coffee. Our kids watched a movie in the other room and we caught up on our lives. Then the conversation paused. She looked me square in the eye as if there was something big on her mind. I mentally braced myself. “I have to ask you something” she said. There was a pause in the conversation as I waited for more… “yes?” Then she asked, “what skincare products do you use?”

I smiled and began to tell her the skincare products I use. Then I told her “I’ll put up a post on the blog and share it with you.”

I’m putting these skincare products in a post because Katy is not the first friend to ask me what skincare products I use. You see, I’m currently in my early 40s but so many people swear to me that I look 10-years younger. While my family does have pretty crazy amazing genes, I don’t think the genes can take all of the credit for the transformation which has over taken my skin this past year.

Me and my youngest son — my little buddy

Skincare Routines Change in Your 40s

Did you know that your skin changes when you get into your 40s? I mean, I guess this should be pretty obvious to me but I think I entered my 40s oblivious to this notion.

I’ll admit it… when I was younger I could get away with washing my face using my regular bar of soap in the shower. Then about 5 years ago I finally broke down and started using actual face wash. A year ago it was time to get serious about my skin care. I began to see lines on my forehead and crows feet around my eyes. I tried to convince myself that these lines were signs of my maturity… then 5 minutes later I decided that was a bunch of bull and I was going to fight this aging thing.

After growing into maturity, it was time to shift focus away from just washing my face and start promoting collagen and elastin – the pair of proteins that keep complexion plump. Our bodies start slowing down production of this in our 20s. I decided it was also time to add those bad boys back into my body and increase antioxidants.

Honestly I wish I had discovered this skincare routine sooner. It’s easy, efficient and provides the craziest most awesome results.

What I Look for In Skincare Products

For most women, part of the morning and evening routines involve a skincare regimen of cleansers, moisturizers, tonics, and lotions. All in the name of beauty.

In fact the average woman puts twelve products on her skin daily. But did you know most of the products out there contain harmful chemical preservatives? Our skin can’t be healthy if we’re are subjecting it to toxic substances that are ultimately absorbed into our bodies.

So, what’s a girl to do? How can we combat environmental pollutants, the affect of solar radiation, and the drying effects of air? How can we be sure we’re using the very best products on our skin so we can be healthy inside and out? I did a ton of research, I’m talking YEARS of research. Through all of my research I discovered skincare products that helped me look younger, but without the harmful ingredients. Since then I have had so many people ask me what I am doing – including my friend Katy – so I am sharing with everyone. Check it out!

Before You Start a Skincare Routine

Before I dive into the skincare product routine I use daily, let me share with you a few other things you can do for radiant skin.

  • Supplements – Supercharge your skincare routine with supplements. My favorite is Modere Biocell. This product is a liquid you drink twice daily and it’s delicious! I call it my “treat.” It’s got Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology plus ceramides, high-potency vitamin C, and 19 phytonutrient rich foods including pomegranate, bamboo, and green tea. Learn more about it here.
  • Stay Hydrated – Nothing leads to worn out tired skin more than being dehydrated. For many people it’s a challenge to drink water. If that’s you too – then check out our article 6 Amazingly Useful Ways to Drink More Water.
  • Workout & Sweat – working out will get your blood pumping and circulating which is great skin. Sweating will help your body release unwanted toxins.
  • Dry Brush – This is something new I just started doing these past couple of months. Not familiar with Dry Brushing?… Here, let me explain. Dry brushing is like the juice cleanse of the beauty world. The firm bristles of the brush give your skin a thorough exfoliation while the pressure helps to stimulate your circulation which helps create that rosy glow. It also stimulates lymphatic drainage, which they say helps the body eliminate toxins.
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Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s talk about that Skincare Product Routine. We’ll start with a morning routine, and then give a night routine.

Morning Skincare Product Routine

  • STEP 4 – Modere® Antioxidant Gel
    I apply this all over my face because it takes away shine and acts as a super nutrient primer with it’s vitamin-rich formula. It reduces the appearance of pores and fills in fine lines so they become invisible. It’s lightweight, concentrated & water-free formula delivers incredible complexion-enhancing benefits. It disappears into the skin instantly and goes on smooth, plus it acts as an environmental barrier. I could talk all day about how much I love this product!!
  • BUY Modere® Antioxidant Gel & save $10 when you use this link!

  • STEP 5 – Modere® Dual Action Eye Gel
    Our eyes are one of our most sensitive areas of our body and they also show aging the quickest. That’s why this step is so crucial. I pat this dual action eye gel on my under eyes and eyelids. This eye gel protects the naturally thin and delicate skin surrounding the eye by promoting firmer, resilient looking skin. An extra bonus,… it minimizes the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines around the eyes
  • BUY Modere® Dual Action Eye Gel & save $10 when you use this link!
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I realize this may seem like a lot of steps but, just consider that the more you do it the quicker you become. Remember you are worth it,.. and your future self is worth it! We do so many things as moms for so many other people so it only stands to reason that ten minutes of pampering each morning should be something we can all do for ourselves.

I also separate my products into two small bins – one for morning and one for night. That way I’m not scrambling to remember which products to use when, and it makes the process quicker.

The best part of my skincare routine is that I no longer have to wear foundation make-up!! This is HUGE for me because I use to wear that stuff like a mask. I was the girl that wore the entire make-up brigade – foundation, powder, blush, eye shadow, mascara, lipstick. But now, my skin is glowing and my cheeks are naturally rosy – so good-bye blush too!

After my morning skincare routine I apply a quick swipe of mascara, and some lipstick, and am off for my day. Having healthy skin feels so much lighter and better, and it’s better for my health.

Night Skincare Product Routine

OleHenriksen Truth Serum image

organic castor oil by kate blanc - skincare products for over 40

STEP 3 – Castor Oil by Kate Blanc
Castor oil is a vegetable oil that comes from the bean of the castor tree.Who knew? Well not me! I honestly had no idea of the crazy amazing benefits of Castor Oil until I stumbled up on this Castor Oil by Kate Blanc.

Castor oil is a vegetable oil that comes from the bean of the castor tree.Who knew? Well not me! I honestly had no idea of the crazy amazing benefits of Castor Oil until I stumbled up on this Castor Oil by Kate Blanc.

Apparently the fatty acids found in castor oil are extremely nourishing. Castor oil has helped me and countless other women grow grow thicker, longer lashes.

BUY Castor Oil by Kate Blanc


  • STEP 4 – Herbal Choice Mari Organic Calendula Oil
    This simple little oil has 26 Phytochemicals and various nutrients that are beneficial to your skin. This is a great one to put on and leave on over night to help nourish. Then wake up to greater skin. I love this as the last step to my routine because I take a little extra time to really massage it into my cheeks and sinus cavities – which feels so good!
    BUY Herbal Choice Mari Organic Calendula Oil

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