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Spring is here and with that comes Spring Cleaning! The thought of a super clean and sparkling house is one that leaves me feeling at peace, happy and calm.

However, the thought of actually going about the cleaning is leaving me feeling bummed out, grumbling and mumbling.

You too? You are not alone!

According a survey done by Ketchum Global Research & Analytics, 54% of participants said their biggest reason for not getting started with Spring Cleaning was simply lack of motivation.

If you’re not motivated to dive into Spring Cleaning — check out this list of 10 ways to get motivated for Spring Cleaning. Sure to get you ready to break out your ninja cleaning moves on all of the dust bunnies in your home.

Spring Cleaning Motivation
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Gear up Baby!

I always feel better about cleaning when I can be comfy (and cute) doing it. That means putting on my absolute favorite yoga pants, comfy tee and of course up-doing my hair in a messy mom bun.

Play Music

You know how good it feels to workout at the gym to a great playlist? The same is true of cleaning! Put on music that gets you hyped up and jam out while you deep clean. You’ll have the energy to keep going long after the music is over!

Set a timer

If you only have an hour here or there to spare, no worries mama! Set a timer so that your brain can focus on your Spring Cleaning instead of constantly looking at the clock. Use a checklist like the one I have provided and pin it up some place visible in your home so you see it every day.

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Start Small

Start with the easiest thing on your list! You’ll naturally gain momentum as you move through the list to more challenging tasks. If you don’t have a list yet, grab my Spring Cleaning Checklist

Go little by little

I like to go room by room in my Spring Cleaning. After completing one room, it gives me satisfaction and motivation to move on to the next room!

Reward Yourself Along the Way

All too often we don’t reward ourselves for the little things in life. We go from task to task, trying to get it all done without pausing to let ourselves know how freaking awesome we really are for all we do.

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I discovered the benefits of rewarding myself about three years ago. It’s life changing and magical, let me tell you. I keep a list of things that bring me joy, I call it my joy list. When I want to reward myself I pull from the list! The items on the list can cost money like a pedicure, or they can be totally free like taking a walk or relaxing in the tub!

Lighten Up

Open the windows and let the fresh air come in! Or if you live someplace where it is still cold, like it is here in Iowa, then simmer some spices on the stove and let the scent fill the house. I love to put on a big pot of water and then throw in some cinnamon and orange peels. Or some thyme and rosemary.

Get a Helping Hand

Get the kiddos to pitch in (this is where playing music comes in handy), or enlist the help of a friend! Chasing dust bunnies is always more fun with someone else, and the work will get done faster!

Try some New Cleaning Products

I order my cleaning products online and it is like Christmas morning when they arrive. These products smell amazing, they are toxic free and it’s actually fun to clean because they are something new and exciting. Click here to try them for $10 off – they are awesome.

Investing in some products or a fun new mop, might be the thing to motivate you to use it! The Shark Steam Pocket Mop is by far my favorite mop to use because it is quick, easy and of course toxic free.

Invite Company Over

If all else fails, invite company over to your house. How many times have you rushed to pick up the house because you are having guests? I do this all the time.

Trust me! Set a date for a big party or gathering. That will get you motivated to tidy up!

spring cleaning room-by-room checklist

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