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The older I get the more aware I am of my body and how it’s aging. Fortunately there are a few things that science has discovered to help us find the secret to eternal youth (or at least hold on to it for a bit longer).

Believe it or not there are ways our bodies can rejuvenate themselves while fighting and even reversing the signs of aging. Here are five easy fixes to stay younger looking longer! You’re welcome 🙌

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You are what you eat

I know, I know, it can be a bummer. But it’s really no secret that what you eat can dramatically improve (or diminish) your health, but what you choose to put in your mouth can also improve the elasticity and resilience of your skin.

Food high in water content works wonders for a youthful skin. As do antioxidants, like vitamins B, A, C, E, which help fight toxins like chemicals, which attack and damage skin.

Get a little help

If you’re finding it impossible to eat your way to greater health then you may want to consider supplementation. There are a lot of products out there on the market today that claim to help you look younger and some of them actually do work. The one that is our favorite is Modere Liquid Biocell. It’s a nutraceutical which means it’s derived from real superfoods and works with your body to heal, build collagen & elasticity, and fight off free radicals from the inside out – helping your entire body look and feel younger.

Strike oil

Omega fatty acids found in some edible oils help keep your skin firm and elastic, improve the health of your hair and protect you from heart disease.

One of the best sources of omega acids is flax oil. If you want to double the benefits, sprinkle some flax seeds on your food as well.

Limit your time in the sun

It may sound like an old potion in new bottle, but sunscreen works. In addition to the right diet, protecting bare skin with sunscreen when you are outdoors keeps aging problems at bay for years to come. Also limit your time in direct sunlight.

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Drink it up

When you’re thirsty, drinking lots of liquids helps, but there is nothing like water to quench your thirst. It helps to keep your skin youthful and well hydrated plus it draws out and eliminate toxins.

Dry skin is more prone to wrinkling, or at least showing those wrinkles that are already there.

In the bottle

And if you still aren’t seeing results, then look into some trusted skincare products. Check out our 9 Essential Skincare Products for Life After 40 (it’s never too early to start!) You may also want to check out the article Why You’re Losing Your Youthful Skin and Five Ways to Fight Back Big Time

Time may not wait, but you can always make the wait seem longer and keep looking youthful for that much longer.