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Spring is here and that has me not only Spring Cleaning but also wanting to freshen up our decor in our home. I’ve put together some super easy spring decorating ideas that will freshen up any home.

1. Bring Nature Inside

Get to planting and potting not just in your garden but also inside your home. My favorite is succulents because they are so darn easy to care for that you really can’t go wrong. I also love those really colorful (probably dyed) cacti, have you seen those? Also cannot be killed, which I love! Really any plants will brighten a room.

2. Create Floral Focal Points

Fresh flowers are a nice way to lighten up a room. Every Spring I bring out my favorite crystal vase like this one. It’s a perfect showcase for anything blooming in our yard. Don’t have a green thumb? Try adding in some tasteful fake flowers.

3. Change up Artwork

One of my favorite ways to add new artwork to the walls is to go to Creative Market, download a few favorite quotes or images, print them and put them in frames. Super easy art upgrade for super cheap!

spring cleaning room-by-room checklist

4. Freshen Your Frames

Revitalize an existing gallery wall by painting wooden frames with some new shades. Or purchase new frames. Personally, I feel like white frames really lighten up a room.

5. Get Painting

A gallon of paint is among the easiest tools for changing a space.

6. Wonderful Windows

Sometimes all you need to update a room for a new season is a fresh window treatment. Consider swapping out thicker drapes for lighter ones in the spring. Or simply remove drapes altogether for a completely new look.

7. Swap Out Pillows

In winter we are a home filled with all kinds of cozy pillows and blankets on every couch and chair. When summer comes there is less need to cozy up. I put the blankets and some of the pillows in storage to create a more airy space.

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