It’s the weekend and my husband and boys are watching television. They’ve been at it for more than an hour and why not, they earned it, right? The boys cleaned up their rooms, and they all picked up the living room. So why am I still so busy and not on the couch with them?

Because I can’t turn my brain off.

“There’s still so much to do,” I think to myself. “But how am I the only one to see it?” I see the piles of paperwork from school that have been sitting there for days – there’s probably some form in there somewhere I need to sign. I look over at the heaps of laundry waiting to go down the stairs – there’s always laundry. Don’t even get me started on the bathrooms, oh those bathrooms.

All the Things

Even if I do magically by some saving grace can let the housework go, my mind is quickly invaded by all of the other things. You know the list I’m talking about — it’s that list that is always in your head. Always going. Always buzzing. Reminding you of the obligations you’re not fulfilling.

Doctors appointments that need to be made, errands to run, stuff to get ready for school or sports or play dates, emails to return,… you fill-in-the-blank.

As moms we are the organizers of the family social calendar, the manager of the household, basically the knower of all the things. This is on top of maintaining a job outside or inside of the home (for many), volunteer obligations, school obligations, sports, activities, family events, keeping up with friends and all of the other “things” in life.

But there’s also something else that keeps us busy, and stressed. In addition to our physical task list with loads of items to check off, there’s the mental and emotional juggle struggle we all face.

The real culprit of stress

Even when we’re not busy with all of the physical tasks that need to be done, there are the emotional mountains we are climbing in our minds.

This means that even when we aren’t busy tending to our actual task list, we are spending so much emotional energy thinking and feeling and caring.

As moms we seem to care about all the things all the time.

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When I’m not with my kids, I’m worried about them – is my oldest making friends well, do I need to work more with our youngest on his baseball, are they happy, do they really know how much they are loved?

When I’m not working, I’m thinking of all the things I forgot to do or “need” to do to run this blog, or my other blog, or my Network Marketing business

Running through my brain at any given moment are relationships, past conversations, future worries, real and imagined concerns….

It’s Exhausting

And that is why moms feel so stressed, why we’re so damn exhausted all the time. Because even when we could be vegging with our family on the couch watching television, we don’t. OR we do join them but our mind is still spinning with obligations, responsibilities, tasklists, and emotional & mental mountains.

Even when we don’t look busy, we are busy in our minds! They never shut off. There’s always something going on.

There is no easy cure for mom brain but there are some steps to help retrain our minds to give us a freakin break already! Read the article Retraining My Mom Brain in 4 Easy Steps

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