It’s Spring Break 2020 and I’ll admit, I recently mourned the loss of our family Spring Break trip due to Coronavirus. My husband’s cousin is a coach for the a team in Women’s NCAA Basketball. We were going to drive to Kentucky and watch March Madness with other relatives in town for the big event. Our plans changed when the tournament was cancelled, along with so many other things.

If you’re reading this article then you know about Corona virus. I think just about everyone in the world knows about Coronavirus and we’re not the only family who has had Spring Break activities cancelled or postponed.

As time marches on there are many families in the United States wondering what to do. The CDC has guidelines in place, schools are closing, events are being cancelled and we’re being asked to essentially put life on hold. We all know to keep our hands clean, stop touching our faces, and cough into our arms.

But what does this thing really look like? Do we need to stock up? Do we need to avoid our friends like the plague. What do we do? Here’s my two-cents.

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To stock up or not to stock up?

The first big question every family is facing and most have dealt with is should be stock up? To be honest, we held out until two days ago. And the only reason we stocked up is because everyone else stocked up! We didn’t want to be that random family, going about life as usual, who ran to the store for TP only to discover it was gone.

Should we see other people or not?

As a homeschooling mom of two boys I don’t have to think twice about school cancellations. Some schools in our area are closed for the next couple of weeks, others are undecided and I know this is a huge burden for so many families.

For us, the question has been whether or not we should get together with other kids, go to church, see friends, and live life connected with anyone else these next couple of weeks.

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Just for the record – we really doubt we will personally get the virus, but then again, we don’t know for sure. We are also pretty confident that IF we did get sick, we would all get well again. So far, the fatalities from Coronavirus seem to be the elderly or those with compromised immune systems. I am however, concerned about long-term effects of the virus. No one knows if there are long-term side effects of Coronavirus. I mean, look at strep throat, it took us years to find out that left untreated it affects the heart.

Because of all of that, we decided to limit our activities and exposure to others.

How do I keep my kids entertained?

So with the family on lockdown, now what do we do? At first I freaked out. I legit straight up panicked. What the heck are my kids going to do without friends?! Then I took a few deep breathes and thought two things.

One, it’s okay for our kids to be bored. I do not have to entertain them, nor should I. If they have to live life without friends for a couple weeks – it is not the end of the world.

Two, we had a decision to make. We can use this time to have a pity-party about what is not available to us and all the things that are cancelled. Or we can use this time to grow closer as a family.

We’ve decided to to use our time to work on all the things we never get to do because “we are too busy.” Our boys have a YouTube channel that they want to add more videos to, they want to make LEGO movies, work on robotics, clean off their cameras, get outdoors and the list goes on and on. We have a huge list of things they want to do on their own, and things we want to do as a family.

I encourage you, if you find yourself with lots of “extra” time together as a family, use it. Make this time in 2020 the time your family looks back and remembers being a part of history, but also making tremendous intimate memories. Make it a time of tremendous gratitude just to have each other and being healthy.

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Live the lesson with your kids

Too often it’s so easy to lose sight of what is right in front of us. Coronavirus may be interrupting our busy lives, but sometimes an unexpected interruption can be just what we need to pull us all together.

Explain to your kids how fortunate we are to live in a country with medicine so readily available. How lucky we are to have a country that actually puts measures in place to protect us (even if they seem so annoying). Become incredibly grateful for your health and theirs – and remember that many are not so fortunate right now and would love to inconvenienced with “free time” with family.

Deepen your faith with your kids

Use this as a time to remind your kids of their faith and trust in God. Pray for our world, those who are sick and those who know people who are sick. Pray that our country would keep all of this in greater perspective, remember common sense and know that the Lord is with them always – even when it seems like God isn’t listening. Remind them to give their fear and worry to God. Try praying this verse over our country.

“Those who know your name trust in you,
for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.” Psalm 9:10

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