what to post on facebook for business
What to avoid posting on facebook

It can be so challenging to know what to post on Facebook for Business. I’ve been working from home since 2009 – growing my business while growing my babies and a lot has changed in that time.

Basically whatever activity you do — commenting, posting, private messaging or sharing, Facebook KNOWS what you are up to! It has something called an algorithm. Crazy right?!

The days of posting to Facebook and all of your friends seeing it is gone!

If you or your business are going to get seen, you need a plan of ACTION

Here is what you need to avoid when posting on Facebook:

1. Avoid always posting about your product and using the company name. People will unfollow you!

2. Avoid Over-posting! Post twice daily – max! Anything over that and Facebook will start to see you as SPAM!

3. Avoid inconsistency!! Remember, it takes time to build an audience so don’t give up and stick to the plan! Don’t have one? Then join my private training group. Be sure to say you saw this post.

4. Stop sharing videos that are not relevant to your audience! Think before you share! Decide that your Facebook page is your tv channel!

5. Avoid posting back to back. You are not allowing Facebook or your friends to see your posts. Before they can see the first one you are hitting them with another one! Not good! Post in the am and the pm to avoid this!

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